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Recommendations Regarding DSE Risk Assessment

Apr 9, 2008
DSE risk assessment serves several purposes. It covers the employers against any injury claims if they can prove that they trained their staff but the staff didn't listen. It also covers the employee against any injuries resulting from ignorance about how to use office equipment.

When carrying out DSE risk assessment, there are several things to take into consideration. The first is the office chair. This usually comes in a swivel variety that can be moved around the office at will. DSE risk assessment will tell you this chair is to be set at an optimum level to keep your knees at right angles to your body, with some back support and feet flat on the floor.

More often than not DSE risk assessments on this piece of office equipment will be ignored. It has come to light that bored office men have been known to carry out races using these chairs. Men have a problem realising that anything with wheels does not constitute a race vehicle and accidents have occurred.

It has also come to light that another flagrant disregard for the DSE risk assessments carried out by users of these chairs is the one of the secretary getting fruity with the boss. This has led to several serious bruising and one broken ankle (don't ask!)

The other piece of equipment that comes under DSE risk assessment will be the desk. Used as a ladder to climb on and change light bulbs is a definite no-no. Preparing lunch on your desk top contravenes health and safety regulations as does carrying out amateur body piercings, tattooing and minor operations. The desk is also not to be used for getting fruity with the boss.

Using the mouse or keyboard as a projectile during times of office stress will contravene all things to be learnt through DSE risk assessment. Wrist supports are a good idea for those of the limp variety as this will avid the dreaded carpel tunnel syndrome. It is also a big mistake to come into contact with these pieces of equipment when getting fruity with the boss. Having qwerty stamped across your rear is a bit of a giveaway.

The computer screen is something that comes with many sound pieces of advice through DSE risk assessment. Anti-glare filters should be fitted to save your eyes. The top of the screen should be set at a certain height to avoid neck strain. Regular breaks should be taken away from the screen to avoid aches, pains and strains.

Use of the computer screen is strictly for work purposes. Any mis-use can cause a loss of teeth and black eyes. How can this be I hear you ask? There are two possible causes. The first is that the male employees will use the internet for viewing pornographic web sites. When the wives find out they are going to get seriously hurt, possibly resulting in unemployment too.

Secondly, when the secretary mis-uses the email system for sending fruity emails to the boss, the wife is very likely to visit the establishments and smash her face in.

The only way to avoid all these hiccups in office life is to abide by the recommendations of your DSE risk assessment.
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Health and safety expert Catherine Harvey looks at how DSE risk assessment is often abused.
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