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How Can I Promote My Site For Free?

Apr 9, 2008
With the sudden escalation of internet users from all around the world, thousands of new free services have been launched in the aim of capturing these potential customers that in the past were in most cases unreachable. These social networks, video sharing services, community forums and free image hosting sites are all vibrating with millions of users ready to be reached with the aid of these exiting innovations.

Unleash the power of Social networking:
Social networking sites have risen in popularity and currently represent the core of the internet life. Successfully tapping into one of the many social networking sites is like opening a tap of fresh visitors that will blast a site into instant stardom. In most cases all that is required, is an active presence on these sites allied with some cleaver marketing strategies.

Video sharing sites:
Video sharing sites are free to use sites that enable users to upload and broadcast their videos to a diverse online community. Popular video sharing sites include YouTube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion and Revver. All of the sites mentioned contain their own advantages and disadvantages, so for best results a close inspection of each service is best.

The technique behind successful video promotion is quite simple and if done properly, can be considered one of the most effective free advertising methods currently available.

It is worth mentioning that promoting a site or service with the aid of video sharing sites is not considered spam or mischievous, in fact it is one of the most prestigious advertising techniques used by many top marketing professionals. In order to take advantage of this method the creation of an appealing video to upload to the video sharing site is required. Videos can be a short film, comic sketch or an exciting real life occurrence worthy of being shared with the community.

The main objective is to create something appealing that will drive many users to want to see the video and distribute it with their friends. Each video should contain a link to the author's site and include some information regarding the site or service offered.

Free advertising services
There are many free advertising services that can provide a good alternative for individuals looking for complimentary sponsorship opportunities. Such sites are uniquely dedicated to free marketing and can be very useful although sometimes there are some restrictions that should be closely inspected.

Adgridwork is an advertising network that enables site owners to publicize their services on other websites totally free of charge. Webmasters interested in participating will display free ads on their sites in exchange for free exposure on the advertising network. ReviewBack is a blog reviewing and exchange system developed for bloggers wanting to promote their sites with the help of the blogging community. Bloggers can exchange reviews with each other and in this way benefit from more traffic.

BlogRush is a free service focused on driving more readers to blogs. Bloggers add a widget to their sites which in return will permit them to instantly distribute their latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs.

Community content driven sites:
Community content driven sites depend on information and content provided by its users to flourish. Taking advantage of such sites provides an excellent opportunity for marketers wanting to reach specific audiences while also benefiting from widespread exposure.
Squidoo is a community driven sites that permits users to create a lens about any topic they wish.

These articles can enclose links to other sites and contain information about services or products on offer. Wikipedia is currently the largest online encyclopedia and one of the most visited sites on the internet. Contributing by writing new articles and documentation is a good way to promote a site. Individuals who contribute can then place links to sites containing useful resources relating to the article.

With the aid of these extraordinary services promoting a site for free is possible and extremely rewarding. There are many alternatives so for best results one should always try various methods and analyze closely which provide de best results.
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