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Internet Marketing And The Increasing Value Of Trust

Apr 9, 2008
I've referred to something I call trust marketing several times in other articles I've written. I think there is a more prevalent need for this type of marketing now then ever before in online business.

So many online businesses promise incredible savings or offers. Their terms and conditions tell the full story - you ultimately pay for your free gift by accepting other offers you must pay for in order to receive your offer.

Most consumers feel betrayed by this kind of marketing and it can make it tough to instill a sense of trust among those who still feel the scorch of the business disclaimer.

If that's the dark side of online marketing the good side is filled with genuine free content, advice, forums and blogs that will feed into the idea that your company cares about the consumer.

Potential customers have become leery of offers that insist they sign up with a rather lengthy list of personal information required. This is generally followed by consumer regret based on the reality that what they thought there going to get isn't what they actually received. Then they have to live with the knowledge that their email address is most likely being sold to the highest bidder for a seemingly endless barrage of messages they do not want.

Trust marketing is a bit like working to restore faith in the goodness of mankind. Think of an abused pet. These animals are used to a heavy hand or a steel boot. A gentle touch seems foreign and out of character with what they expect. Yet, many of these animals are being rehabilitated every day. Consumers can be rehabilitated, too.

I know it may seem like an odd comparison, but the truth is many online users feel as if cyberspace is all about use and abuse of their personal goodwill. Consider this; spam is rampant, squeeze pages nab personal information and seemingly every free offer has so many strings attached the web user may feel like a marionette.

It is often very hard for consumers who have been burned online to really believe any business can actually offer something at no cost.

Knowledge-based content is something I have advocated for a long time. The reason for this is a powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) response, but it is also a key element in trust marketing.

If you can make your content available at no cost it may be the equivalent of extending an olive branch for those consumers who have become a bit jaded to the idea of online commerce.

Trust marketing invites, but never demands.

Trust marketing gives and is willing to wait for any return on their goodwill.

Trust marketing champions information without feeling compelled to explain the value of the information.

Trust marketing encourages without the feeling you are trying to close a sale.

Trust marketing leaves the final decision in the hands of the consumer and is very direct about what they can expect from your company.

Trust marketing promises big - and delivers.

Trust marketing might go against everything you believe will make your business successful. It may also result in temporarily reduced site visitation, but it will also result in a more loyal customer base and increased customer referrals because when your customers are treated well they most likely will share the news.
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