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Internet Advertising Methods That Get Results

Apr 9, 2008
Decisions that are made for Internet advertising methods are as diverse as the webmasters themselves. In many cases, the decisions are often based on cost while others focus on potential customer yield. The latter determines the larger the audience size is worth the added costs. It is all a decision making process of what works for each individual.

Keep in mind that one should not expect immediate results in most advertising methods. Here is a break down of possible means to promote online ranging from cheap to expensive.

Pop Up Ads and Fly In Ads

Pop up ads and fly in ads are both related to each other in several ways. Fly in ads are actually a derivative of pop up ads. Most surfers find them annoying and will dump them before they even find out who the advertiser is and what product or service it is being offered. This is compounded by the fact that there are unscrupulous individuals out there who embed their pop ups with viruses. This is an expensive technique and one that does not offer great results.


This is an expensive way to promote, but can have dynamite results. Podcasting is like TV to the Internet. It is one of the most sophisticated ways to promote there is and can be well worth the money for those thinking in terms of results.

Search Engine Paid Advertising

Sometimes referred to as key word bidding or pay per click, this can be an expensive way to advertise. It is aslo more effective than one might think. How it works is the seller bids on certain key words related to his or her site. The bids are ranked according to whose bid is highest. When the search words are entered into a search box the results are displayed according to the bids. When a link is clicked on, the bidder pays the bid price for the click, not the sale.

This can be a good way to advertise, but to do so effectively one should have a larger budget to work from.

Some lesser expensive advertising methods are:

Blogging - This is one of the hottest methods out there for telling others about your site. Simply write about it! This method is free and has become an Internet phenomenon. Simply find a free blog hosting service or get a wordpress script and install it into your account. Most,if not all, of the leading Internet marketers use blogging as a way to promote their site and get tremendous results.

Submitting to smaller search engines - It is possible for the larger search engines to miss sites. With that being said, a good technique to try is to submit to the smaller ones instead. Doing this can get bigger results and better chances of your site being seen. While not commonly known, it is a technique that works.

Text Link Advertising - not to be confused with Adsense type ads, the text link ads referred to here are more like banner exchanges for text links. The main advantage here is that it is virtually free and it works. Another type of text ad marketing is the use of traffic exchanges that specialize in this kind of marketing.

When deciding which advertising method to use, always go for what suits your needs and stays within a workable budget.
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