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Profitable Article Marketing - 7 Intermediate Methods to Explode Your Article Marketing

Apr 9, 2008
Article marketing is the most cost-effective marketing tool in the internet today. This is one of the major reasons why it is the most widely used traffic-generating and product promotional tool by billions of webmasters worldwide.

If you are currently using this technique, these 7 challenging ways can help you maximize the benefits you are getting from writing and distributing your articles online:

1. Learn how to attract attention. You must be able to grab the attention of online users to increase the chances of your articles being read, picked up, and widely republished online. You can easily do so by using titles that are striking, interesting, and those that have the ability to invoke action.

2. Impress your readers. Once you have successfully grabbed the attention of online users, you must know how to keep them interested to compel them to read on. Offer them valuable information that are useful and cannot be found elsewhere. Also, give them great reading experience by making sure that your articles are well-written and easy to understand.

3. Stick to the facts. Some marketers are stretching the truth or insert misleading statements just to create a need for their product and augment their sales potential. This bad business practice can greatly hurt your credibility online and can easily make you lose the trust of your clients in an instant. That is why, it is of outmost importance that you always be truthful and keep your content fact-based.

4. Obtain more quality inbound links. By this, I mean multiply the number of your articles as each submission grants you one backlink for your website. You can either spend more time writing or hire ghostwriters who can provide you quality articles for $5-$12 each depending on topic and word count.

5. Make your articles easy to understand. Your readers must not spend too much time analyzing your ideas just to get the message you are trying to get across. Make it hassle-free for your readers to understand your content by using simple terms and short sentences. Avoid using offbeat acronyms that are not familiar to your readers. Do not use highly technical terms or big words that are difficult to understand. Remember, you are writing to inform and not to impress.

6. Topics. Before you engage in article marketing, you have to understand that you will need to write a lot of articles to generate more quality inbound links for your website. Thus, you will need many topics to write about. You can actually write numerous articles that are targeting the same keywords. For instance, if your main keyword is badminton, you can write about "how to play badminton, 10 tips that will help you excel at badminton, Best badminton strategies", etc.

7. Do not advertise on your articles. If you think that you can augment your sales potential by inserting your sales pitches on your content, you are wrong. When you do this, your readers will be annoyed as they are expecting to get information from your content and not blatant advertisement.
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