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A Short Guide Into Executive Recruitment Consultancy

Apr 9, 2008
As a graduate, you may find that your choices are either limited or limitless. Many people will understand that getting into the business career sector or wanting to climb the ladder to consultation. Some graduates simply do not know which way to turn or what route to take for their choice in a career path. For those looking into following a career in executive recruitment, there are a few things you will need to know about before making the decision to follow this path.

Traditional recruitment agencies refer to a company or agency who finds available work for potential candidates. Normally the agencies are the ones who pay for your wages but they charge the company for the hiring of the candidate. Recruitment as a career is often fast paced and competitive. Many of the recruiters have targets and goals; also often work overtime to reach to tight deadlines. Recruitment consultancy can be highly stressful and people should expect the pay to be mainly based on performance bonuses.

Executive recruitment requires more specialised skills and involves plenty of networking. An executive position within a business and consultant sector involves constant client communication and knowing how to make client relations. Your aim is to increase your client base, therefore increasing the number of jobs you find for your candidates. It is up to you as a recruitment consultant, to make the candidates CV look polished and perfected for the potential recruiter.

Working up at executive level requires a lot of experience, therefore getting into the executive path will take you longer than what you would anticipate. For people looking into getting their foot into the world of an executive position will need to have built an impressive CV. Applying for an executive position will require a high level of professionalism, focus and expertise. The market for recruiting executives has risen, but so has competition so it is more difficult to find the job you are looking for.

Approaching an executive recruitment agency will help you cut some of your time down on searching for the right job. They will also provide with the tools to getting that dream executive job, such as interview techniques, any skills and attributes that you could add to your CV and most importantly your previous employment experience. Becoming an executive does not happen overnight, and those that do have plenty of experience within this sector will be faced with tough competition.

A specialised recruitment agency like this one will help you find the contacts that you need, even help you to get your foot in the door to working your way up the ladder. Often these recruitment agencies can be difficult to register with, therefore it is always a good idea to research their criterias and requirements before you make an application. Getting into a habit of researching the company will look better for you during the interview process.
About the Author
Anna Stenning is an expert on executive recruitment, having researched this position in the past as a possible career route.
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