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Online Traffic Formula Web Site Relevance and Reversing the Myth

Apr 9, 2008
For going on forty years, the mantra of marketing is that he who yells loudest is heard. There's been an ever growing backlash as people get tired of being manipulated by marketing, and a growing case of ennui about marketing and options. You've seen this for yourself - you've probably seen TV ads that made you go "Eh, no" about their claims, and the revolt against advertising has taken many forms.

Marketing ads can be easily blocked out of all audiences in simple steps. With the ever increasingly popular Tivo and DVR, programs can be watched without the commercials. On the internet, pop-up ads can be easily blocked or screened. Over 90% of ads everywhere are being blocked. So, how do you get noticed or heard?

Like all things related to Web 2.0, the key is to trust your readers. Put in comments in forums, and let your readers review your products for you. Amazon broke new ground with this, and was quickly followed by eBay - and it's now a virtual requirement for any online vendor. Customers will trust the relevance of a review from another customer over any slick marketing pitch; slick marketing pitches, they've heard for years on end someone who's actually used the product and read the book? There's someone to listen to.

What happens if you do get negative attention? What if someone says that you stink? Well, be assured that the majority of consumers will consider the source. Disgruntled gossip can get old really quick. A sensible consumer should take it lightly.

If it is something that you can learn from and make changes, do so, and admit your faults. This will actually be advantageous to your business because it will develop trust through your honesty. When you are feeling attacked, don't attack back. You just put yourself on their low level. Just remain genuine, relevant, and offer exceptional service.

Second, look at their review as an avenue on how to improve your product. This person cared enough about your message, what you were saying, to try your product. It didn't work for them, and they cared enough to tell you why. Use that information to make your product better! Just remember, you'll win more arguments with reasonableness than you will with defensive temper tantrums.

Always try to connect with your audience, acknowledge that a negative reviewer has a valid point, and then try to solve their objection. Your online traffic formula aim is to provide a benefit for your regular readers to come back to your site repeatedly, and the way to do that is to rise above the fray.

Sites that have maintained and enhanced their relevance through clever work include Amazon and Google. Amazon, in addition to being the first major retailer to "trust their audience", also uses their audience's buying patterns to make recommendations to them. This causes enormous numbers of repeat sales, and the software to do this is now standard on virtually every shopping cart on the planet. Google does it a different way - every search you do is an avenue for them to show you links to something related. Gmail, their email service, shows ads based on keywords in your messages. This allows Google to tailor advertising to subjects relevant and important to the recipient. And notice, Google's ads don't shoutor blink, or jump, or cover the actual content. Google's ads work because they're relevant to what you're reading, and that's a good model to follow which should part of your online traffic formula.
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