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Spam Blockers And The Average Consumer

Apr 10, 2008
Spam blockers are absolutely essential to sanity in email correspondence. Chances are pretty strong that if you have signed up for something online you will be barraged with emails. It is also quite probable that your email address will be sold to third party marketers and you will receive unwanted correspondence from more than one party.

This is why spam blocking is so important.

In many cases spam software uses filtering techniques to determine the likelihood of this dread scourge and may send it to your spam folder bypassing your inbox. One of the primary filters used to determine spam is whether the email is sent to you individually or if it is part of a multi-recipient list.

You can go into your spam folder and whitelist or tell your spam folder to allow certain emails through even if they appear to be spam from the standpoint of your email protocol.

Another filer for spam retention is based on certain keywords. There are standard keywords and then there are keywords you might want to include.

You can check your spam folder and attempt to unsubscribe from whatever list thinks you are a part of it. However, there is some speculation that any correspondence with a spammer may ultimately result in more unwanted emails. Why? Simply because the spammer now knows that someone actually owns the email address and looks through the information that is sent. This is reminiscent of the time prior to the do not call list when computers phoned individuals hoping that someone would answer. When they did, that number was often sold as an active account and sold to other telemarketing firms.

The good news is most email programs will flush the spam periodically so, unless you think you might actually have email to review in your spam folder, your email program should remove the unwanted emails eventually and regularly.

I suppose spam blockers may be one of the best ways to manage this problem. If online email becomes too regulated it also becomes nearly impossible to do business using email marketing. I have even found evidence (and you probably have, too) that even correspondence you may desire can be caught in the spam folder. It doesn't hurt to review your spam folder from time to time just to make sure there isn't something you need.

One of the downfalls of spam blockers is when they see a large number of emails coming in from one email address and determine that this is an abuse and render that sender to the spam folder.

I have a friend who provides a service of historical data for each day of the year. He always sends that information in advance and some clients find the emails in the spam folder simply because a weeks worth of daily content was mailed on the same day.

Spam blockers are becoming increasingly intuitive and are doing an admirable job in keeping unwanted messages from reaching your inbox.

Work to separate the desired mail in your spam folder from the material that generally deals in pharmaceuticals, mortgages and multiple business offers.
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