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Make Sure You Offer a Choice to Your Readers

Apr 10, 2008
"Content is king" is a motto that internet marketers have set the standard by for quite some time. And well they should- content is what causes search engines to find your site and send traffic to you. If you offer quality content, people will be more likely to return to your website when they are looking for more info on the subject you're specializing in.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "content" is probably print content. There is a new kid on the internet marketing block, and his name is audio'. By providing both print and audio content, you'll have the potential to reach new customers and take your website to a new level.

Having a combination of print and audio content will add needed variety to your website. When people surf the internet, they often get lost in a site that is too redundant. If you add audio to your site, it makes your website stand out. Why not try a recorded welcome message or background music? If you add audio to your blog, you can catch viewers' attentions in a whole new way. This can also increase the amount of time people spend on your website, which is what you want.

There is no pleasing everyone, and you can't be everything to everyone. However, adding a mix of audio and print content can help bridge the gap between the differences in people's preferences and learning styles.

Some people enjoy reading and use their "reading time" to relax and unwind. They may sit at their desk in front of their computer or perhaps they print out the pages they want to read and curl up on the couch with them. They may even grab their laptop and head to a local caf where they enjoy a cup of coffee while they surf the web.

There are also those who prefer audio so they can multi-task- such as busy parents doing their housework, or those who want to download the MP3 version and listen to it in the car on the way to work.

If you have both forms of content, it will be very helpful to those you want to teach. We all have different learning styles- some of us absorb info through reading, some prefer hearing the information to take it in. If you can offer your visitors a choice between the two, you will be able to reach more people with your content.

Add some variety to your content, and you will find yourself reaching a whole new customer because you've recognized people's different learning styles.
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