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Should I Hire Someone to Record My Podcast Commercials?

Apr 10, 2008
If you have a podcast, you should really take advantage of adding commercials and sponsorships. This is a great way to add to your income. If featuring advertisements, you have a few options to get your message out. You can record and deliver the advertisement yourself. The drawback is though, that listeners might not be able to tell the difference between the ad and your actual podcast.

You might also have the advertiser themselves record and deliver the message. Sometimes having the advertiser record the message works very well, but sometimes it doesn't. If the person has an accent, it may be difficult for your listeners to understand what they are saying. Or, you may find the speaker is soft spoken and difficult to hear. An advertiser may not want to or be comfortable recording the advertisement.

This is where a voice over comes in handy. Having someone else deliver the message can add professionalism and credibility to your podcast and the advertising message itself. You can perform a Google search in order to find voice over artists. The fees will vary, so you may want to shop around before you make a decision.

You can also ask other podcasters for recommendations. In order to cover the costs, just charge the advertiser your advertising fee plus the cost of the voice over artist.

You may also know a friend or other podcaster who has a good voice for this type of work, and could have them do it. However, a friend or fellow podcaster may not add in music or effects, whereas a professional may be able to do so.

Whichever road you take, there are several things you should think about when deciding who will do the voice over. Be sure to keep your target market in mind and try to match the voice to that of your audience.

It is also important to consider what product or service is being advertised, and the tone of the commercial. Try again to match the voice of the person (and their tone) to the product and listeners. The listeners need to be able to relate to the tone.

After you've had experience with voice over artists, you will start to recognize what will work- and what won't- for your commercials. Together you will develop and learn how to make very effective commercials for your advertisers.
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