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Ways to Keep Your Podcast Listeners Coming Back for More

Apr 10, 2008
Podcasts are a fantastic way to have visitors gain interest in your website, and to attract new traffic. It can take some time to build up an audience. We will discuss some ways to keep your listeners checking to see if your newest edition came out yet.

First things first- you heed to have high quality podcast content. Your listeners will come back if your information is helpful and/or entertaining. In order to have fresh content, you should consider ideas like having a co-host, interviewing experts on the topic, answering listeners questions, etc.

You might want to think about having a "teaser" to keep your listeners coming back. Think about TV shows and how they feature a clip from the next episode, often after the ending credits roll. This excerpt gives the audience a "teaser" on what is upcoming; their curiosity will keep them coming back for the next episode.

Your own local radio stations probably hold several contests through the year, and you can apply those same things to your podcast. Try partnering with other website owners who are willing to donate prizes or help you promote the contest. Each week, at some point in the podcast, you could give out a "clue", such as a word or phrase.

The contest could go on for 4 episodes or so, and at the end of the contest, you could ask your listeners to send in an email with all 4 clues. The first three that submit correct entries could be the prize winners.

The easiest way to get your listeners to come back, is to involve them in each new show. They will be more dedicated if you can somehow make them feel as if they are a part of the show. Many hosts will give listeners a phone number on which they can call in, or record a promo message.

This is something your local radio station may do as well. If you have ever heard them play the recordings of normal people saying "you're listening to WWXX on 103.1" or something along those lines, you know what I am talking about. This creates energy and excitement. The people you feature will feel famous if they hear their self on your show.

If your podcast isn't quite taking off as quick as you would like, keep working on developing quality content. Don't forget to keep marketing it. After some time, the time you put into it will pay off and you'll be enjoying a steady and loyal audience.
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