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Do You Really Know What Social Networking Is?

Apr 10, 2008
In many cases, if you put a bunch of internet guru's together you'll generally find that the conversation turns to Social Networking. Social Networking is currently seeing significant growth with new sites, different applications and many new portals popping up daily. But do you really know what Social Networking is?

Once upon a time internet users were restricted to just viewing information online, with the invent of Social Networking, users can now interact with people, place comments about information they provide, rate their information, add to it, promote it and much more.

Social Networking allows people to talk to one another and build up relationships in almost every area of life. Whether these people find they have a lot in common or not, it simply doesn't matter.

Many people who use social networking sites, use them to build up a network of friends who may possibly have the same things in common, this allows them to interact, offer support, give advice and of course exchange information.

Many internet marketers out there use Social Networking to promote their business and attract like minded people to do JV (Joint Venture) Partnerships with. It allows them to advertise their services or products to people who are currently seeking that which is being offered. These people generally build up their network of friends by specifically searching them out and inviting them to join their network or group. Over time they are able to build up relationships, interact and then promote their business opportunities.

A good amount of successful internet marketers are now using Social Networking to increase their incomes, simply because of the many people who join their groups actively seeking the information being sold. It has also become a good place to find people to do JV Projects with.

If you're currently running your own online business, not being a part of Social Networking would be a big mistake. You can use music, text announcements, video and much more to build and brand yourself or company online. Many of Social Networking sites offer you a free blog which you can use to promote and express your ideas.

Using social networking to generate backlinks to your websites has become an increasingly popular activity for many internet marketers out there. It has also become a way of life for many top celebrities and rock stars in order to keep their fans informed about what's happening.

Being a part of social networking is simply a must for anyone looking to build a successful online business. It helps you achieve excellent rankings in the major search engines and also helps you identify potential JV partners.

With tons of social networking sites to choose from, including, Facebook, MySpace Bebo etc, one new arrival to the scene is looking to change the rules.

Wowzza is a new social networking site developed by business people for like minded people. They literally pay you to become a member for an extremely low monthly cost, you can generally additional incomes and advertise all your services to your members. You really should consider integrating social networking into your business as without it you're really missing out. Wowzza is tipped to become the essential way for all internet marketers to promote their businesses, so, along with Facebook and MySpace, make sure you check out Wowzza.
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