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Podcasting And The Consumer Learning Curve

Apr 10, 2008
Podcasting can be an easy way to reach out to entertainment consumers. Most mp3 players have the capability of allowing each unique user to add the podcast to their player and then replace that podcast audio with whatever audio content they wish whenever they want to. This can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Those who do not use an iPod or mp3 device generally have a fear about how the systems work and if they will ever be able to make changes once they finally do place content on their device.

Other consumers may simply download the podcast to their computer and listen that way. Some might even go so far as to burn the podcast to a disc and listen via a CD player.

That's the really good news regarding podcasts; the form of distribution is extremely flexible.

Many regular podcast users will often send the podcast audio directly to their download file through the use of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) and the content will update itself the next time they dock their mp3 player.

Let's say for instance that an individual likes a certain talk show, but can rarely listen when the content is live, or they don't live in an area that carries the content on terrestrial radio. These individuals can sign up for applicable podcasts, dock their mp3 player for an update and then listen to the entire program whenever they want - they can pause the program when it is not convenient to listen then return to the podcast when they are able.

Consumers can even advance through audio content they may be less interested in.

Podcasts are sort of like TiVo for the ears, but with podcasts your potential sources for content are virtually limitless. In most cases podcast downloads are absolutely free. This dynamic continues to power the Internet as a one-stop shop for virtually anything you want.

Where once the Internet was primarily useful for sending and receiving emails and visiting a few rudimentary websites the Internet has grown up and continues to diversify its offerings to include so many additional possibilities. Podcasts are a huge part of the growing consumer confidence in the overall value of the online environment.

When customers visit your site do they find a podcast or audio stream they can tap into? For some individuals this may be the only way to reach them. Either they are too busy to read or they have trouble reading and a podcast explaining either the benefits of your product or a magazine style interview podcast with actual customers can help them connect with your business in a new way.

Needless to say not everyone cares about downloading a podcast and not all customers will listen, but as new users enter the world of online business you can be sure the relevance of a podcast will simply grow.

This may be a bit like customers who use texting as part of their cell phone plan. Some detest the idea of texting, but more and more cell phone users are discovering this to be a primary communications choice. Podcasting maintains a similar feel among users.
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