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Exploring the Potential of Autoresponders

Apr 10, 2008
Sometimes it's completely inappropriate and unprofessional to use the autoresponding programs. These exceptions should be highlighted with clarity and knowledge. For example, if you sign up to join a message board or forum or a mailing list, an autoresponder may place you in negative terms with the group or Web site's administrator. Be certain you use a standard e-mail account and not your autoresponding e-mail account for such purposes.

You will find that if any of these news groups, boards or forums attempt to send you updates, they'll be hit with an auto-response every time. Certainly, you want to tell as many people as possible about your company, but following every letter e-mailed to you with your own automated e-mail will not send a good message. It will likely be aggravating to the site administrator, and you may even find yourself banned or blocked from the group.

When you submit your site to search engines, it's imperative that you use a real e-mail address because most search engines use autoresponding software, as well. If you submit the e-mail address connected with your autoresponding software, you will begin a continuous cycle of e-mailing back and forth.

Now that the inappropriate uses for autoresponding programs have been established, it's time to look at the common problems webmasters encounter. First, every webmaster should acknowledge that every autoresponder sends a generic e-mail unless you work on creating a personable and precise response. Your subscribers will know this is a plain and mechanical response. This is not a good practice for your continued success.

Another dishonest method used by webmasters is the automatic addition to a mailing list. Many will collect the e-mail addresses from an autoresponding message and subscribe it to their mailing list. This is one way to gain a negative buzz about you and your company.

Whenever you use an autoresponding program, always personalize the message as much as possible. You want to reduce the demands placed on you, while still offering an adequate message that doesn't seem contrived or insincere. With careful planning, this is easy. A few friendly words can carry much weight if presented in an appropriate fashion.

If you avoid the negative methods mentioned, you can reap rich rewards through autoresponders. Among the most popular rewards of autoresponding, you will find reduced administration costs, continual customer service, and a more open schedule to devote attention to other areas of your business.

Another popular positive autoresponding practice is to utilize print capabilities. You can insert a print button or script into your autoresponder message and allow your subscribers the option of printing your company message.

Electronic classes are another option many webmasters undertake with much success. You can plan each installment, or "class," around a topic related to your web site. This will both educate your subscribers and deliver quality promotion for your web company.

Autoresponders can even be used to track the success of your promotional campaign. There are many potential benefits to reaping the rewards of autoresponding, and webmasters should explore this area as much as possible. These programs can save you hours a day and offer you more customer support efficiency than any other step you can take.
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