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How to Write Articles that Get the Click

Apr 10, 2008
In this article we are going to take a quick look at how you can optimize your article marketing efforts in such a way as to generate a veritable avalanche of traffic to your site, service or offer, and quick! If you find yourself on the proverbial fence as to what strategy you should start with when building your online empire, I do believe that you will find article marketing to be an efficient, elegant and expeditious avenue to accomplishing just that. Read on as I explain why!

Simply stated, if you want to build an enduring and viable online business, you need content. You need content for your OWN sites, as well as material on other sites leading their readers back to you. Why? It's quite simple. The one surefire path to establishing yourself as a thought leader in your niche is to have YOUR readers actively engaged in your own creativity when they visit your pages, as well having your Peers point to you as a source of good information in your industry as well. And there is no better way of establishing yourself as an eminently accessible leader than having your own writings syndicated across the web.

In my own business building efforts, I do the exact same thing. I identify the areas of expertise that I want to illuminate to the masses, choose keywords that appear often in the search engines for my field, and craft well written, entertaining and engaging articles that hopefully leave my readers wanting more. When these articles are submitted to various directories around the web, other people will pick up my content and republish it on their own blogs, sites and newsletters. In doing so, they are bound to keep my resource box intact, which effectively leads the reader back to a destination I designate to learn more about me, or a particular product I may be promoting on my site.

While many authors worry about having others republishing their content freely around the web, my view is actually quite the opposite. I look at those who republish my material as marketing partners, a little army of publishers willing to virally distribute my thoughts, feelings and inspirational ideas to places I would be unable to reach on my own. In a certain sense, my success is predicated on the willingness of others to reprint my content, which is a further incentive for me to make sure my best work is going out when I publish.

The other benefit to article marketing as a powerful driver in building your brand is it's FREE! While others may be at the mercy of pay per click pricing, algorithm fulgurations and other factors out of your control, when you create good content, you are working within the ever evolving spirit of the web, and that is something that will NEVER be out of fashion!
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