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The Networker's Mental Success Process

Apr 10, 2008
Have you ever wondered why kids excel and often succeed at whatever it is they try to do?

Have you noticed that the mental success process kids use for learning a skill is equal to the mental success process adults need to achieve success in any business challenge?

When I was a child I was a little skateboarder, and I became quite good at it through practice. Those boards are wobbly, and hard to ride. Have you ever stood on one?

It is not easy to learn to ride without falling off. It is not easy to learn how to "ollie," which makes the board jump and stick to your feet. It is not easy to roll along, ollie, make it spin while in the air underneath you and then land it softly under your feet. It is not easy to make it spin and rotate 360 degrees all the way around 2 feet in the air, and allow it to perfectly land again under your feet. These maneuvers are difficult, and take serious time, energy, and effort to learn. However, I learned these moves, and so did many other friends that I had.

Through breaking this down I realized that the mental success process I went through as a child is the same as it is for us as adults. As I talk about this, you will feel it to be intrinsically true, because you have it in you, it only needs to be brought into your current consciousness.

Let my personal metaphor help you remember your personal metaphor. During the next few minutes, let your subconscious mind go to work and think of your perfect personal metaphor as you read through this story. When you are done reading it, or when the time is right, your special story will pop into your head. Then it is up to you to teach that story to someone else.

There are four main ideas that back up the mental success process.

The biggest reason I learned and succeeded at skateboarding was due to the fact that I fell, and got up and tried it again. Then I fell and got up and tried it again. I got bruised many times, but I kept at it, because I believed I could do it.

As a child, falling did not equate to FAILING. As we get older, the school system and common beliefs unfortunately teach us that falling equates to failing. By the time we are teenagers and young adults we know what failing is, and we do not like it very much. By the time we are adults, we are unfortunately so afraid of failing so that anything that we think may cause us to fail gives us so much emotional pain and anxiety so that we either do not even try it or quit quickly after our first fall.

There is a lesson and metaphor in this I would like you to understand. When you are practicing your elevator speech for your business or when you are practicing your sales presentation, you will not get it perfect in the very beginning. The key is to just start, practice, say it out-loud, write it down, over and over again, you will mess up a few times, you will get some bruises, but your learning. You are not failing.

The second main reason I learned these maneuvers was due to surrounding myself with other kids that knew how to do it. As a kid, we may not consciously choose our friends, but the law of attraction works in that world as well.

I naturally attracted and was attracted to those kids that knew how to do these maneuvers, and those that had the desire to learn such moves. Through watching them, and having conversations about how to do these maneuvers we all learned and excelled quickly together. I look back at this today and laugh out loud because it is the same principle we read about, and as adults we have to re-learn this which came naturally to us as kids.

The third main reason for my skateboarding success was the dynamic support I received. My friends cheered for me as I got closer and closer to landing on the board. My family would support me and would be there to heal my wounds with their love, and then they would push me back out there to try it again. I received all the recognition and support I needed, and through that, success was achieved in the most common of hours.

How much support do you get in building your business? One of the beautiful things about the network marketing industry is that recognition is so abundant throughout most companies. This existed for us as children, and you probably still give it to the children around you, but don't stop there. For optimal success, support and recognition also needs to come from your friends, your family, and it needs to spread like wildfire in your own personal organization. Let your close ones know that you would appreciate to have verbal support, understanding, and recognition because it will help you succeed. It is an important conversation to be had.

The fourth main reason I succeeded at learning these maneuvers was because I was PASSIONATE about skateboarding. I was passionate about learning these moves. I got up in the morning thinking about these moves, and I was even improving my skill unconsciously by practicing these maneuvers in my head even when I did not have my board with me. I read and studied the skateboarding magazines, I wore the skateboarding clothes, I had skateboarding idols, I did what skateboarders did, because I was truly passionate about the sport.

A network marketing business without passion will not equate to high success. The challenge in regards to this as adults is that the fear of failure will often challenge our mind and our passion. This will be an ongoing challenge in the beginning for any entrepreneur, but know that it will dwindle and disappear once you start seeing your success become real. If after some time the feeling does not dwindle away, you may not be truly passionate about your product, or about your business, and if that comes to be a reality for you, it is time to take inventory and make action steps in the right direction.

Succeeding at anything gives us incredibly joy. Throughout your network marketing career you will come across many challenges, it is only natural in building any business. Think about your childhood, and your personal metaphor, and utilize it to help yourself along the way. Re-align yourself with your successful past, and continue to use the mental process of success in your life.
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