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Traffic Or Home Office - Which Do You Prefer?

Apr 10, 2008
OK, OK I know it was a silly question. Do you want to be in option two though? Are you a budding entrepreneur and just don't know it yet? Have you already started looking?

With all the hype and flash going on with the Internet advertisements showing beautiful people in gorgeous cars telling you how to earn $5000.00 a day - It's hard not to get hopeful and excited about the possibilities!

BEWARE! Just like with anything else, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! There are some easy ways to lose a LOT of money if you aren't careful. Just like spammers trying to sucker you in, so are the flashy sales ads for your money.

Trying to find a reputable, secure opportunity can be exhausting as well as overwhelming to find, especially for new entrepreneurs.

The following are some pitfalls to avoid when looking at a home based business whether online or local. Take your time and you'll be fine.

1. Watch for companies that state "Newest Sensation" or "Get in before everyone else" types of ads. These usually mean that a company is brand new and is betting on recruiting great amounts of people to carry the load for them. Although new technologies can be a great investment, check to see that the "company" is already established and is introducing a "new" product.

2. Evaluate the website to see if they are members with an organization such as the Better Business Bureau or other regulatory agent. A clean, professional website doesn't mean a professional owner or company. With so many low-cost website building programs, this is something to watch for.

3.Check out basic information. If they have a one eight hundred number, call it. Have a few questions ready to ask. Email your questions as well.

4.Make sure to look them up on the Internet! This can be a valuable source of information. Anyone who has written something about this company will usually show up - especially if it's negative! Go through a few and even contact the person who wrote the article and ask them questions.

5.Look them up at the Better Business Bureau or the country's regulatory agency. Find out if there are any complaints, or even worse, any suits filed against them. I actually did this with one particular company and was glad I had.

6.Talk to some network marketers from some of the social sites to see if anyone there has worked with the company or owner. Business networking sites such as Direct Matches are free and can provide valuable information and insight!

7. Follow your gut instincts. If it feels like something is wrong - it probably is. Listen to your inner voice.

8. Ask your family and friends to help you research the opportunity and see how they feel about it.
Learning as much as you can about a business opportunity, will certainly place you in a better position to join a company that is right for you. It does take some patience and time to get the answers that you seek, but is well worth the investment if you choose wisely.
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