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Aluminum Extrusion - The Process Explained!

Apr 10, 2008
The fact that this metal is found in the earth's crust in abundance is just one of the reasons why it is also the most widely used metal on the planet! We are certainly talking about aluminum. The unique combination properties make aluminum the best extrusion metal.

So what is extrusion? The fabrication process wherein a metal is forced into the custom made die in order to utilize all the properties of metal through constant cross section is known as extrusion. Obviously, this most versatile metal on the planet becomes lot more advantageous after it has gone through the extrusion process. However, in this article we shall talk more about the process of extrusion rather than its advantages.

What was an already growing; the aluminum industry was revolutionized by the extrusion process in myriad ways.

Aluminum is first refined from the Bauxite before using the cast materials to cast aluminum into logs or billets. Die is the tooling that helps creating the shape of the extrusion. The die is made of steel and has an opening of desired shape. The opening or the aperture could be one or more.

Throughout the extrusion process one thing that remains of perennial importance is the heat. It's very crucial to continuously monitor the temperatures while the extrusion process continues to treat the aluminum and we get the alloy that is strong yet malleable and tensile. Once the process starts, the logs and billets are heated at high temperatures of about 700 Fahrenheit to 900 Fahrenheit. Aluminum is not melted at this temperature however it does become malleable enough to be processed further.

Once the metal is heated to the desired level, the next step is to transfer it into the press container where the malleable aluminum can be forced to take the shape of the container and fill it to the container's capacity using the hydraulic ram. This is followed by raising the pressure levels to force the aluminum through the openings or apertures of the die. The puller is used to get the extrusion on the run out table. The length of extrusion depends on a number of things like the required weight etc.

Now the hot aluminum is cooled with the help of fans or water spraying. However, specific cooling rate is necessary to meet or maintain the properties of the alloy. So the temperature monitoring is crucial at this stage as well. Later, they are straightened by stretching before cutting them into variety of sizes. The final step may be to cook (ageing process) the aluminum into large ovens to make them harder before they are finally shipped.

The process may be slightly different from company to company depending upon the level of technology they use. However, if you are looking for a company that makes use of the most modern technology for aluminum extrusion, you might want to check what www.alfiniti.com can do for your business. At Alfiniti Inc., you will be provided highly customized service of great quality to meet all your specifications and business requirements of extruded aluminum.
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