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How to Get Traffic and Promote Your Web Site

Apr 10, 2008
No matter what your online product or service is, you need to attract traffic and promote your Web site. This is the only way to get more visitors to your site. It is also the only way to get people to buy from you. More traffic equals more revenue for you. So, what is the best way to do this?

Offer Something Free

Everyone enjoys getting something of value for nothing in return. Web surfers are no different. Attract traffic to your Web site by offering a free and valuable gift. You don't have to spend money to offer these "freebies." Use your imagination. Offer a free newsletter, e-book or tutorial that relates to what you are selling. Request their e-mail addresses when they sign up for the newsletter, but don't alienate them by spamming their e-mails afterward. Just send them the free newsletter and leave them alone. If the newsletter offers helpful information, there is a strong likelihood they will return to your site. They may also recommend your site to others.

By offering this valuable free item, you are gaining the interest of thousands of potential buyers. Visitors will already be interested in your product and your newsletter will begin to mark you as an authority on your area of expertise. You can also allow others to post your free item on their sites. This will give them more potential visitors while bringing more traffic to your site through their marketing efforts. Everyone wins.

Position Your Web Site in the Search Engines

The first step in any search engine positioning is getting your URL listed by all the major search engines. To improve your ranking and get more traffic to your site, you need to optimize all of your pages. Use keywords in your content that potential buyers may use in their search.

Use Marketing Articles

Get your site linked to many other sites. One way to do this is through article marketing. Write articles and list them with free article directories. Other Web owners can download your article from a directory and post it on their own site. The original author information will be intact, so any time a visitor clicks on your article they will be redirected to your Web site. As your articles are posted on more sites, more traffic will come to your Web site.

Offer an Affiliate Program

Using a "pay for performance only" method, you can offer to include your Web site visitors in your profits. Offer to have them post a link to your Web site on their own site. Each time you gain traffic from their link, they get paid a pre-determined amount.

These are a few ways to increase traffic to your Web site. Now let's look at some ways to promote your Web site.

Online Promotion

There are many ways to promote your Web site online. It is important to try several of them to determine which ones work best for you. Some of these are:

* Place your URL on all e-mail signatures. Every e-mail you send out advertises your Web site. If it is forwarded, then more potential visitors will see the address.

* Use search engine optimization (SEO). Learn how the search engines rank and index Web sites. Spend time improving your Web site to get it placed higher in the listings.

* Fine-tune your Web site content. You have the ability to rewrite, move, add and subtract the existing content on your Web site. Keep recreating it until it looks and performs the way you want it to.

* Improve your page titles. Search engines index your pages by their titles. Be sure your working page titles are performing for you.

* Check out your Web site's statistics. You can access the performance statistics of your Web site. These statistics break down your site's performance into several categories. This will tell you what is working for you and what isn't.

Offline Promotion

The best and least expensive ways to promote your Web site offline are by placing your URL on various marketing materials. These can include your letterhead, business cards, uniforms, or promotional literature.

When building an online business, getting traffic to your site and promoting that site are your two main objectives. Once you develop a sound marketing strategy for getting your name out there, your business and profits will steadily grow and you will succeed.
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