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The Marketing Power of E-Books

Apr 10, 2008
An e-book is a great, new way to provide information to your customers inexpensively and without a lot of hassle. Customers are able to access e-books on any computer, without installation, and one e-book can be downloaded from your website an unlimited amount of times.

The great thing about an e-book is that it allows customers to access the information in their own time, at their own leisure, which makes it more likely that they will really take it all in. An e-book can be saved and referred to as many times as necessary so that customers can access the valuable information as much as they need.

Though they're often disguised as simple and convenient informational references, e-books are great marketing tools because they constantly provide consumers with information about a company's products or services. E-books are available at all times of the day, every day of the week, which makes it easy for a business to keep in touch and offer information or support to customers when it is convenient for them. Unlike printed information, such as regular books, pamphlets and reports, e-books are incredibly inexpensive and take up a lot less space, as they're stored on a computer.

Besides a company's website, there are several places on the Internet where an e-book can be stored and saved for customer download. Company's can post blogs and send emails, both of which can contain links for e-books and provide extra information about the business as well.

In order to capture the attention of a customer, it's important that your e-book is captivating, interesting, detailed and original. Start off by creating a great title that is sure to make a customer continue reading. Like a newspaper or magazine article, the title of an e-book can be the deciding factor in whether or not a customer takes the time to read the book all the way through. The content of the e-book is also a huge factor and should be original and interesting. Because there are so many businesses using the Internet as their main marketing strategy, customers are not likely to waste their time reading something they believe they've already read before.

Once created, an e-book should be promoted well and offered not only to existing customers but prospective consumers who know little or nothing about your business. Like any magazine or hard copy book, an e-book should be pleasing to the eyes, easy to understand and aimed towards educating and informing the reader of your services. You need to be sure that your customers know the e-book exists, by either emailing them the link of a site where they can download the book or by emailing it to them directly.

Because it's easily accessible and can be transferred throughout the Internet in a simple way, customers are more likely to share an e-book with friends and family. Be sure that, at the end of your e-book, your companies contact information is listed to ensure that those learning about your services for the first time will be able to contact you and your business website.
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