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Fax Machine Marketing: What You Need To Know

Apr 10, 2008
Many people don't recognize the fax machine as a marketing tool but, with the wide spread of dislike for telemarketers, many smaller businesses and home-based companies are making use of a technology they most likely already have in their office or house. Flyers, newsletters, advertisements and business cards are being pushed and passed around and thrown out every day, why not try something a little different that customers won't be so likely to drop into the trash without so much of a glance.

Before starting a fax machine marketing plan, keep in mind that fax broadcasting is indeed legal and try to follow these rules to keep your fax marketing campaign legitimate:

1) Do You Have A Business Relationship?
Were you were given the fax number you're advertising to voluntarily? This includes anything, such as through your website, a business card or an email or letter with a fax number on it. If so, you have the right to send that business whatever kind of information you'd like, including advertisements.

2) Is The Number Publicly Advertised?
If a business publishes their fax number in a directory, advertisement or on a website, then they have made that number available for public use and you are free to send their machine your advertisements and unsolicited faxes.

3) Are You Providing A Cost Free Removal Request?
Just like an email, it is your responsibility to provide a cost free way for businesses to opt out of receiving your faxes. You may want to provide a toll free fax or phone number for those who do not want to be contacted by you or even an email address used specifically for removal requests.

Before you start faxing your message, you need to create the perfect pitch to get potential customers interested in your products or services. Ask yourself how your product/service can benefit a customer and why they would buy from you. You can create any number of fliers filled with different information and you can send as many as you like. Send fliers announcing a special or sale you're having, offering a list of services or products you supply or a flier announcing a grand opening. Let customers know about an event you are hosting, a new product or service or just send out a letter of introduction to your business. The possibilities are endless.

Make your fax all one page and don't go overboard on images. Make it short and sweet and get right to the point because, like yourself, most business owners don't have a lot of time to read faxes. Don't send a fax more than once a month, you don't want to irritate potential customers and turn them off to your service. Don't use fancy fonts or pictures, a fax needs to be readable in case some of the original color is lost in the translation. The majority of businesses own a fax machine, so if you're not fax marketing already, go ahead and get started. You'll have an edge over the competition and will be able to focus your advertisements on companies you know will be interested in your service.
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