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Selecting The Graphics Editor That is Right For You

Apr 10, 2008
If you have ever dabbled in the art of graphic design then you will know that fine image touch up and graphics manipulation is best done by using a pixel graphics editor. In case you do not know already, all images consists of millions of pixels and using a graphics editor that can retouch photo images, crop irregularities, and change colors allows you to create near perfect pictures which are impossible to see that they have been modified.

The majority of pixel graphics editing software is compatible with most current operating systems. Professional graphics designers who are not satisfied with less than perfection will choose to have a pixel graphics editor with all the features possible. Pixel editors can create stunning colorful PNG images and it doubles as a bitmap graphics editor as well. Gif, JPEG, WBMP and XPM images are normally supported by most pixel graphics editor software and these formats are also those that are the most commonly used on the internet. What needs to be mentioned when it comes to graphic design is the fact that after images have been modified or created it is possible to save them in the format that you prefer in the majority of cases.

It is could be quite confusing looking for the one that suits your purpose but through trial and error you can find a program that has enough features as a graphics editor to support your needs. To begin with, knowing the different formats that images come in is useful when choosing the program.

Take for example the raster graphics editor which is a small program similar to paint but with far more features and versatility. You can use this bitmap graphics editor to paint and add color to common image formats like PNG, TIFF, and JPEG. lternatively you can choose photo editors; computer assisted drawing programs or a simple banner editor that may be more than satisfactory to your requirements.

Create stunning websites and convert pictures into your own visually appealing art to convey any message that you prefer. Journalists, graphic design artists, website designers, artists, interior design specialists, and project planners, all use graphics editing software programs to make their work so much easier. Once you have tried out the features of an image editor and experienced the huge possibilities they offer you may also find it difficult to do without one.

Why not download one of the free versions and experiment with it a little. No doubt you will be extremely excited at what can be done to any image or graphic art with a simple click of your mouse. If you are a website owner already and have never used an image editing program you do not know what you are missing!

The free versions of graphic editors are normally very limited in what they can do though. So, if you are looking to eventually create professional images for your website, you might want to look at the more professional versions of images editors which offer much more features and versatility than the free ones.
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