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Inexpensive Traffic Building Techniques That Work

Apr 10, 2008
You can grow your online business without spending a fortune in advertising. You can build your online traffic through low cost or free advertising. This advertising can be as effective or more so than many of the more expensive paid services. With its low cost it can make your advertising go further without impacting your budget.

Make good use of your online marketing power. There are a number of simple ideas that you can use to build the visibility of your site or business without the added costs associated with Internet advertising. These methods are inexpensive to use but require both patience and footwork to produce any profitable results.

To begin, you will need a website in order to take advantage of these marketing techniques. O good idea is to either create one yourself or hire a programmer to do it for you. This site will be the main focus of your advertising efforts and will have on display your products or services. One recommendation is to develop your site under a unique domain name. This will add some integrity to your efforts.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular ways to promote online. The idea behind this is that a company recruits affiliates to market their products and services through an ever growing network of smaller sites. This method involves paying a certain amount of the sales to your affiliates in the form of commissions. Every large corporation is using this technique in one form or another.

2. Links

One of the most common ways to build your page ranking in the search engines is to trade links with other sites that are related to yours. In doing this, you will be benefiting from their traffic as well as they yours. The search engines tend to rank sites based on the number of links connected to them. It works, but may take a little time to see any real changes in traffic.

3. Newsletters

The idea of sending out newsletters is a great way to keep repeating traffic to your site and develop a good working relationship with your subscribers and potential customers. In most cases, your newsletter should be written to a general audience and should be short and sweet. One idea that has been tried is to let the subscribers know that an issue is ready and post the issue on the website as opposed to sending it out.

4. E-mail Marketing

Consider to be the most cost effective means of promoting online, this is a very important method of keeping potential customers aware of your website and its offerings. The one warning every Internet Marketer needs to be aware of, is spamming. If you spam and get caught, you could wind up in serious trouble, not to mention losing your business.

5. Article Marketing

Quality content in the form of articles can get your site indexed by the search engines. Getting indexed translates directly into more traffic to your site. This technique can be done free or using reasonably priced article submissions services.

6. Forum Marketing

This technique is used by many to market their site without actually marketing their site. When joining forums members engage in conversations with other members. They ask questions and reply to questions. How they market is through the signatures on their posts. An important rule here is to remember to follow the rules in each forum.
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