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How To Start A Vending Business - The Information That You Give Could Land You The Vending Locatio

Apr 10, 2008
Here is an important question to think about when sourcing out new locations for your vending business. Do I have a business card or information sheet that I can leave with the companies that I visit? Okay, having a business card or information sheet is important.

You want to leave something with the companies that you visit so they have a way to contact you, plus it makes you look more professional when you are dropping off your information. The information sheet, in my opinion, is better than a business card. A business card is fine, but people throw business cards away. They get shoved under the desk or they may put it in their wallet or whatever.

Some people collect them, but an information sheet is great because you can add more information about your vending services on it.

The best thing to do is spell it out in plain English right there. Show maybe a picture of the machine and have the sheet say something like, "Are you interested in vending services? We provide reliable machines. We have great prices and good product selection. You can pick the machine that you want. We have two available right now for your location. Call us today."

When you give them that sheet and you have a picture, people look at that and say, "Oh is that the actual machine?" then you can say "Yes, it is." You want to be able to talk to people like that and give them that information. So having the information sheet is definitely important.

Here is another question to explore. Am I coming prepared with a pen and paper to get their contact information so I can follow up? You want to follow up. Have a pen and paper handy. I even put a measuring tape in my pocket, in case I need to measure the door.

Think about this. If you give somebody some information of your's. If you actually hand somebody a business card or an information sheet and they accept it, what's wrong with asking for their information? "Hey could I get your name and number just to contact you and follow up in a couple of weeks just to see how things are going?" They will say sure, or they will say, "I will give you such and such's card because they are the person that actually deals with the vending machines at our company.

You can call them back in a week or I will have them call you. If you give out something, then you have every right to ask for their contact information in return, there is no harm in asking. So the best advice that I can give is to come prepared with a pen and paper to get their contact information, or grab a business card from them if they have it and in the end this should help you close more vending accounts if you follow up and are diligent about closing the deal.
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