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The 3 Steps to Profitable Niche Marketing Strategy!

Apr 10, 2008
Niche marketing strategy is a widely used term - and no one really knows what to do with it and how to implement it.

Some think that a niche marketing strategy is to focus on less competitive less searched keywords for search engine optimization. But less competitive and less searched mostly means less profitable! But besides that can concentrating on less competitive keywords be a strategy?

Not really it can be a tool - a tactic that can help you to achieve one step on your way towards your goal

So what is niche marketing?

Niche marketing is to decide to which audience you talk - you segment the target audience and find a still profitable segment and focus on that.

For example you are an marketing freak. And you want to open up your own internet marketing consulting service.

Ask yourself the following question:

Who is my customer?

Everyone who is interested in earning money on the internet seems to be your audience.

But this is sure no niche and there is no way to have a clear picture of the problems people face.

Use excel to segment this list. It is important to think of prospects with same intrests.

Here some ideas:

People who have their offline business and want to start using internet as a marketing tool, or people want to start an online home business,...

That would be a good start but you should even segment this a bit more:

Now use the groups you already have and find segments in this group:

Consultants who have not used the internet till now for their offline office or even more targeted - lawyers who want to add internet to their marketing portfolio

Last step is to segment the list horizontally

Now find the problems they people in this targeted fields have. Brainstorm a bit and add them to your excel spreadsheet.

Take a person that works in a normal day to day job - 8 to 10 hours a day and wants to start a internet business as an example, one of his main problems will be how to start a business in the spare time he has.

For the lawyer: How to use the internet to drive targeted clients to my company 24/7 days a week.

As a result of this work you get a matrix in your spreadsheet of possible customers and their problems.

So now you can do ...

With the knowledge you now have - it is a lot easier to create products and write salesletters. As you know to whom you speak and the problems he faces.

And with tiny changes you will be able to sell your product to other niches.
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