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Successful Content Sites for Increased Traffic and Sales

Apr 10, 2008
Recently, an upswing in the amount of sales and traffic enjoyed by certain websites has been noticed by those who monitor such things. These experts are certain that the good fortunes of these sites is due mostly to the amount of content the owners are adding. With this trend in mind, a brief overview of the elements that make up a successful content site is warranted.

There is a general theory that most developers adhere to and it states that almost no one will pull their wallet out or go straightaway for the shopping cart, or even click to affiliate sites right away. Everyone involved knows that it's not that easy. This is really how it works. In a perfect world it would be easy enough to entice prospects with nice pictures of the product and/or tales of the services the company provides, but browsers are leaning toward getting something first before they even think of pulling their wallets out. And that something can be free personalized information.

People who click on your website want free stuff or they want to read some content that relates to their search. If one or both of these things work to their satisfaction, they will click on an affiliate link. Remember that a prospect needs to have read something they find helpful before they'll start trusting you. If they trust you, they'll want to do the other things that you want from them like clicking on affiliate sites or executing any other response that waits for them on you website. By gaining their trust they see the things available on your site as things they want to do and not something they'd rather avoid. This is crucial for a content site to be successful. A relationship must exist between the browser and the owner of the online enterprise before the conversion to customer can be made.

One way to setup a site like this is to take off the footer menu. In addition, provide a lot of free information. This is important. Even though you may be an expert in the field, don't just list products and statistics. This type of approach will gain trust from browsers, by giving them free information that they will find useful. As well, this free information has a personal touch that gains the browser's trust.

Embedding affiliate links in the text is another ingenious way of presenting the options for browsers in a strategic way. Put your personal contact in several key locations and even your picture on the front page. These are just the kind of personal touches that creates an environment that will turn browsers into customers.
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