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Private Aircraft is Today's Hottest Business Tool

Apr 10, 2008
At the blistering pace of our business environment today, successful professionals need to utilize every available tool out there to stay ahead of the pack. When major deals are won and lost in minutes rather than days, an employee's time often is the most valuable resource a corporation possesses.

In today's wired marketplace, a huge number of America's most successful corporations are turning to private aircraft ownership as their secret weapon and most productive business tool. These corporations gain the ability to fly management and staff all over the globe, often to remote locations on their schedule, placing key personnel where they can be most productive or when they are most needed.

The advantages of flying private aircraft for business are staggering. Along with maintaining your own schedule and projecting a more positive, progressive corporate image, productive collaboration between employees flying on business aircraft occurs eight times more often then employees flying on scheduled airlines. Flexible schedules and the ability to return home to their families after a day of business travel contribute greatly to employee morale and retention.

The flying businessperson also gains a great deal of flexibility by utilizing private aircraft. The scheduled air carriers operate from less than 1,000 airports in North America, while business aircraft have access to over 6,000 airports. By placing key people closer to where the action is, corporations that operate private aircraft save valuable time by keeping ground transportation to a minimum.

Nationally, the growth of business aviation is striking. A conclusive report by the National Business Aircraft Association showed that, since 1991, the number of its member corporations utilizing business aircraft had risen 90 percent. These figures covered mostly large corporate flight departments, as well as a few small aircraft owner-operators.

As airline service continues to suffer, the number of business people turning to privately-flown general aviation planes is on the rise. Recently, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association announced that year-end shipment figures for 2007 led to another record high in industry billings, topping the 2006 figures by 16.5 percent. Also in 2007, business jet shipments reached an all-time high of 1,138 units, an increase of 28.4 percent the 2006 figure of 886 airplanes.

Everywhere we look in today's business world, it seems that companies are searching for that elusive "edge" that will push their operations to new heights. In reality, it wasn't that long ago that only heart surgeons wore pagers, and the invention of the "car phone" was still years away. Most of the high-tech business tools we take for granted today simply did not exist as the 1980s came to a close. Today, the "edge" smart companies seek is found in the skies.

As we blast off through the current reinvention of the industrial revolution, private planes are becoming the new American workplace for busy executives. Once considered a luxury available only to elite top brass, business aircraft of today is not just a good idea, but appears to be an absolute prerequisite for success.
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