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Apr 11, 2008
With the advent of the Internet we now have a choice of cheaper or free advertisement in an online directory. A lot of businessmen understand that directory advertisements can rope in fresh new customers to replenish existing ones. Our existing customers do leave our business for various reasons, such as they have shifted and are no more in our neighborhood.

We now see businessmen flocking to advertise in online directories because advertising in traditional directories like Yellow Pages is expensive. Furthermore, people are getting used to searching for things online, thus diminishing the effectiveness of physical directories.

Take a look at any online directory listing and you will notice one thing. Most of the ads posted are lousy. Well, lousy is a very loose word. When I asked my friends to comment on how to improve a particular ad they are equally stumped. Most people just say that the presentation or layout of the ad is not appealing. Well, what exactly makes a good ad listing?

To start with, there is a lot more to an ad that just the layout. It is true that most people are not professionals when it comes to layout. They have problems with graphics, color matching, using proper fonts, arranging texts and images systematically or placing logos in appropriate locations, etc.

I then showed my friends an ad that is professionally designed and aesthetically appealing. They nodded in agreement and approval. I then pointed out that the ad, though appealing, does NOT have the pulling power.

Well, what constitutes a good advertisement listing in a directory? Content must come first. What do we mean by that? Simply this, if customers are looking for a firm they will deal with one that provides information that helps them make buying decisions.

So, the following are critical information which should appear in our ad, regardless of whether it looks pretty or not.

1.Reliability, for example, how many years in business. This is to give confidence to our customers.
2.Authorized Sales and Service, for example, the name of the brands we represent. Again, this is to give added confidence that our customers are dealing with a reputable firm.
3.Safety and protection, guarantees, licensed, bonded, insured, etc.
4.Completeness of inventory or service; store hours, parking, delivery service, credit plan, etc.
5.Illustrations or emblems; photo of business, building, products, equipment or owner signature, cut, slogan.
6.Location, for example, across from, next to, area served, intersection of, use a map and spot location, name, address, phone must be legible.
7.Special Features, new or used, etc.

The next time you do an ad, have the above handy checklist close by and you will give it the biggest bang for your buck.
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