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Proven Tips to Build Your Charity Site

Apr 11, 2008
It is the age of the Internet. Charity organizations must now set up their own websites to let the world know more about them. If you have not done so you must invest some time and resources to get it up. You will definitely not regret it. If you already have a website the following points will serve as a checklist to ensure that essential items are in place.

These are some of the items that your charity organization must have in your website:-

1. Contact Details. You must list your name, address, telephone, fax, email, hand phone, contact person and blog if any in your website. Make sure you place this information where visitors can easily find them; either in the homepage or about us, or contact.

Tip: Have all this info not only on your website but on all your other stationery and paraphernalia like letterheads, call cards, brochures and pamphlets, newsletters, emails, etc. Always have your website address on all communication materials.

Tip: Branding. Try and make sure that every media communicates your personality. Use the same color theme, font type, design on all web pages and stationery. This will project a professional image for your charity organization. Potential donors will then feel more confident in your administration.

2. Objectives of your charity. State simply and clearly your charity overall mission as well as short term and long-term goals.

3. List your items required so that donors can easily understand your needs. Also, let donors know how their donations will be spent. It makes their contributions more meaningful and specific.

4. Activities. List down in systematic order; say chronologically, the activities in your charity. Include a calendar or upcoming events, and, after the events, report the highlights.

5. Maintenance and updating. Information that is old and outdated will not look good with potential donors. It may even give the impression that your charity has been abandoned. So, always invest some time even in your busy schedule to ensure information is updated periodically. Assign this task to a staff and your website will always look up to date.

Keep track. If possible, list the people (or animals, etc) needing the assistance and keep a record of how much has been received to date. If possible, let people know which charity pages are most viewed, as well as those not viewed at all.

With the above in place, your website is bound to attract the interest of potential donors.
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