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Five Steps to Win the Battle with Strategic Internet Marketing

Apr 11, 2008
Internet marketing is like getting into a fight. Winning requires careful planning and formulation of strategies and not just brute force. If you base your decisions entirely on whims then don't be surprised if the results are just as unexpected and unstable!

Five Steps to Win the Battle with Strategic Internet Marketing

The Internet is your battle site and financial success is your reward. Brute force is exhibited by the amount of money you have at your disposal. It's going to help, but it's not enough. Internet marketing is your main weapon and to prepare for battle, you need to know how to effectively use your weapon to win the fight.

Remember your goal.

What is your goal? Be as specific as you can. When you've got your goals spelled out, have them posted and displayed wherever you're working. You can make it a part of your desktop background and have a banner of it posted on your wall. What's important is to keep it in sight literally and figuratively. These goals will serve as your motivation to succeed.

Start planning.

And when we say plan, we don't mean the general, abstract type that you only formulate verbally. Put it into writing. Be detailed. Make an outline. Identify all the resources you need to have to attain your goal. Determine the tasks you need to accomplish and in what particular sequence should they be completed. Take note of your strengths and weaknesses consider them when you're mapping out strategies. Pay attention to the opportunities and threats around you as they could make or break your plan.

To make planning easier, start with a general outline then break it down to smaller or more detailed tasks step by step. Lastly, remember that the best plans are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

Start organizing.

You know what to do so it's time to get things done. Start allocating resources. How much money do you need for your Internet marketing strategy? How much money do you have? How much money will you have to obtain from financing? Do you have all the necessary resources in possession or would you have to outsource some of them?

Don't do it alone if you don't have to. Delegate what you can but take personal care of the most important tasks or those which you can't afford to fail in.

Don't forget to be a leader.

If you have people in your employ and all of you are working on the same Internet marketing project, remember your role as a leader as well. Give your employees a pat on the back whenever they deserve it. Verbal praise is free so don't be a scrooge with it! Motivate them with promises of rewards and promotions! Train them how to derive satisfaction from a job well done. Do what you can so that they'll see the benefits of aligning their personal goals with that of the company.

Monitor and evaluate your progress.

Keep careful track of every aspect of your Internet marketing strategy. If you've chosen to use text ads for a particular project, use the various statistical tools made available by your advertiser and other websites to quantify the results of your ads. Evaluate the results. Is it better, worse, or equal to what you've expected?

Implement changes.

There's always room for improvement, even just the tiniest bit. Monitoring and evaluating results will let you know what changes you have to make. Consider your options before applying any changes.
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