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The Search For Authentic Dropshippers

Apr 11, 2008
If you seeking to launch drop ship business, you have a number of things to be concerned about, and one of your primary considerations must be the choice of a good drop ship supplier. Things would have been much simpler if it were not for enterprising guys who pretending to be real dropshippers but turning out to be scammers. We'll try to advise you on a few ways to find real dropshippers and tell you about their characteristic features.

Using Search Engines

Let's start with the ways you can find drop ship suppliers. You can start with searching one of the leading search engines and look through the delivered results. A good idea is to decide on the type of products to sell first - thus you'll be able to narrow your search to wholesalers dealing with that category of goods.

Check Dropshippers Directories

Another option is to search with the help of special drop ship directories. Though most likely you'll have to pay some fee for their service, you can take advantage of dropshippers listings arranged in a convenient and comprehensive way and it will save you lots of time.

Searching for the Product

One more useful idea is to look for the goods you've decided to sell. When you find a dealer offering those goods, check whether they provide drop ship opportunites. Even if you don't see corresponding information on their website, it will not hurt to call them to find it out

You see that the keys to finding a reliable drop ship supplier are thorough research and decision on a product to sell. Finding a good dropshipper can be done from the comfort of your own home, without any expenses on your part - you just should be more attentive and patient.
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