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Start Your Own House Cleaning Business: Here is How

Apr 11, 2008
Exploring how to start your own house cleaning business? First think about why. It's a good way to make money because of this: people hate to clean house. They like the end result but not doing the work.

Since houses always get dirtier -- it's practically a law of physics -- there will be work to do cleaning them. People may be strapped for cash, they may be working two jobs or otherwise leading a hectic life, but it's inevitable that their houses will need some attention again soon.

And here is your opportunity. Start your own housecleaning business, publicize it, do a good job, and over time you can building up a client list. Some may be weekly customers, and others will want you a bit less often. You can also set your own schedule of days and hours that you can work.

These steps should get you started:

1. What cleaning supplies do you have and what else will you need? Keep your expenditures to a minimum at this point. Let your first income provide the cash for whatever else is important.

2. As a trade for testimonials, clean a few houses of friends at no cost to them. You will use their written words and their names (with their okay) in advertising but there is an interesting other benefit in doing this step. It gives you a chance to be sure that starting your own cleaning business is what you want to do.

Because this point is important, I will expand on it a little. If you discover that you really dislike doing the work, then stop right there and go look for something else to do. You will only be successful at starting this business if you find satisfaction in the work. I am not saying you have to love it all, but overall being self-employed means you have to have a certain amount of energy to get going. That energy comes much more easily when you do work you like.

3. On your own computer or a borrowed one, make some flyers, with Word or something like it. List your name, your phone number, and you email if you use it a lot. Define what kinds of cleaning you do. Use those testimonials, and edit them for the best effect. Also give your rates. Incidentally, before you decide on your rates, do some research into what is usual in your area. Print out the flyers -- colored paper makes them easier to notice -- and put them on every bulletin board you can find.

4. Get a business license if you need one. This is usually quite straightforward, with a small fee. You may need a tax ID number too, in some communities.

5. Once you start earning, keep a log of how much comes in. Right from the start, write down everything you spend. This will be needed for doing your taxes, but even more importantly, you can see how well you are doing.

There is a lot more to say about how to start your own house cleaning business, so do take a look at my website!
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