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How To Automate Most Of The Brutal SEO Tasks

Apr 11, 2008
Many of the search engine optimization techniques and strategies requires a lot of time to implement. Time is very expensive. The most common thing you hear from site owners is seo takes a lot of time. However here are things you can automate.

They way you get backlinks is number one. There are software to submit your rss to rss directories. You do not need to submit your website to search engines, at all. That is something most people do, which is useless. It is true that search engines have add url submission forms.

However it is a way to prevent site owners from emailing them, asking them to index their website. It was a problem years ago and that was the solution.

Websites get indexed automatically when you get backlinks. Spiders see your website URL linked from another site and that is how they find you.

You can use tools to create meta tags. There are plugins for your browser to see if websites are using the nofollow tag.

You can make use of automatic link exchange scripts. These basically remove the need to use ftp software again. You have an administration area, which you login into from your web browser. From there you can add new categories on your links page, add, remove, suspend or contact link partners. They have a lot of useful features.

There are software to submit your articles to article directories, your blog to blog directories, press releases to press release directories, directory submitters and even forum submitters. All of those provide you with one way links.

Some tools for your blog include social bookmarking add ons, to allow users to bookmark your posts, giving you one way links from social bookmarking websites. You can also create a badge or icon for your site, then allow your users to use it to link to you. This works assuming your site or blog has good content. That is just another tip
to get backlinks.

This article covers the question: How I improve search engine rankings extremely fast?

Talking about automation, you can even hire article writers instead of writing articles yourself. You can hire link builders but these usually are a bit more expensive options.

Your goal is also to find the best possible software. From forums, message boards or groups you can get feedback and easily find the best possible product you need.

There is no need to buy all of the software, if you are on a limited budget. The most valuable software is an article submitter. Article submission provides the best return on investement. That is many one way links. Including backlinks you get when website owners put your articles on their site or blog. But obviously since it is easier to make link exchanges it is a great option to buy an automatic link exchange script. Even if you do not do anything, other site owners will probably contact you for a link exchange.

There are many benefits including the link exchange submission form most scripts add to your website.

The second useful software is press release submitter, but only if you already know how to easily write articles.

Third useful software is forum submitter. One way links from content sites are more valuable then links from directories. Directory submitters are also good to get one way links. However these are sort of optional. On the other hand an rss directory submitter is also valuable since most rss directories have lots of content. You want your link inside content, it is better.

Remember that automation is the key, both when doing seo or any other internet business related task. The reason you automate is not because you should not do anything, but because time is expensive. If you can automate something, it is better to do so.
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