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Hiring is Based on Communication, Achievements and Functional Experience

Apr 11, 2008
Hiring the right person is very important for the upliftment of any type of establishment, no matter whether it is a software company or an educational institution. Hiring is basically centered on your communication skills, the achievements you have made so far and the functional experience you possess.

In any field, there are in general three types of people. At one end of the scale, there are persons who lack the minimum common sense one should have, not possessing even the most basic skills required for the job. They are quite easy to handle, as often just by analyzing a resume or asking two or three quick questions they can be eliminated.

At the other extreme, are those outstanding superstars who are born for the job. And in the middle, you will find confused fellows who look like they might just be able to make a contribution of some kind. The objective is to differentiate the superstars and the maybes, because everywhere people are in search of the superstars.

Most institutions are very happy to have people with good aptitude, not a specific skill set. In today's world a particular technology mat not last longer than 2 or 3 years. So it is better to hire people that exhibit the capability to adapt to a new technology rather than people who have got expertise in a particular field. This is particularly true in the case of the software and business sector.

One of the key things that differentiate the superstars and the maybes is their communication skill. You should be able to effectively convey complex concepts and ideas to achieve appropriate outcome with senior management and project team. And efficient communication with cross-functional project team members and all levels of management is also extremely necessary. If you have a track record of achievements to show that will is definitely going to help you. Interviewers always notice that and gauge a candidate's efficiency in the particular field they were looking for.

Functional experience is another important yardstick in the hiring of people. There is no substitute for the functional experience you have in your kitty. Always preference will be given to the person who possesses better functional experience.

The Introduction part of most interviews is aimed at getting the candidate to be at ease with himself and the surroundings. Almost everywhere interviewers spent some time some time initially informing the person who he is and how the interview will be conducted. In most cases the candidates are always reassured that they are only concerned about the way he solves problems, not the final result. When interviewing experienced persons, there will invariably be a talk about their previous occupation. The experience you have will definitely be a major yardstick in such a scenario.

If you are recently passed out from a college there should be a query about the project they have done. You could get rejected candidates if you cannot satisfactorily give an explanation to the work you have done while you were in college. You would be asked to explain the works in a way which is understandable even for the common man. So be careful and be well prepared, that means ready to face almost any thing that could challenge you.

If you have got the necessary attributes don't fear before an interview because nowhere in this world people with the right talent will be discarded.
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