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Finding Your Niche In A Home Based Business

Jackie Khor
Apr 11, 2008
Positioning yourself as a leader solution provider, not as a sales person takes time to build trust with your customers.

The key to effective marketing is to promote and sell a generic solution and system, instead of your business opportunity on the front end.

People would rather learn how to so something than actually do it. By providing your prospects with valuable knowledge that can help them get what they want and make their life easier instead of pitching them some opportunity, you instantly set yourself apart from the masses, and you begin to attract them to you 'magnetically'.

You position yourself as an expert who has power to offer others who associate themselves with you.

When you do this business right, you don't have to sell

When you do this business right, you don't have to ask people to join your business. They will ask you!

When you do this business right, you don't have to post 'work at home'flyers

When you do this business right, people PAY YOU to prospect them.

When you do this business right, anyone can duplicate your success just by plugging into the system.

When you do this business right, you and your team members make cash quickly, even from the people who don't join your organisation.

When you do this business right, anyone can plug into the system and make money.

The problem is majority of network marketers don't do it right because they were not taught to market.

They were asked to make a list of 100 to 200 people with the aid of a memory jogger. This works great for acquiring customers if you have a super hot product, approach them in the right way, have some credibility with a few people and actually go out to sell it.

When they run out of warm market lists, they may be prepared to purchase leads. The problem with buying leads is that it's going to take an average person four months to a year minimum before they can recruit well enough to build an organisation large enough to break even on the expenses. Buying leads can be expensive. And most of the time; the quality of leads is questionable. Lead generation companies sell their leads many times over to different customers.

Buying leads will work but it is just inefficient. It is not smart business.

So, what is the best way to successfully build a network marketing business?

REMEMBER THIS: The Fastest Way To Get Rich in Life Is To Solve Other People's problems.

So, I don't place the initial emphasis on my mlm/Network marketing company. That's just selling people another problem.

Most network marketers need help in recruiting customers and business builders. I market a complete solution to that problem in the form of a franchised system. When they want that piece of the solution, I become a valuable resource to them.

After I market the 'How', only then I market the Who, What, When, Where and Why of my primary business.

How To Find Your Best Prospects

Effective marketing is really about two basic things:

1. Getting the right marketing message and right product in front of the right people.

2. Positioning yourself as a leader solution provider, not as a sales person but as an expert who provides solutions to those who are actively looking for what you have.

You will want to have an idea as to whom you are targeting. You have to figure out who would realistically be interested in your products. Figuring this out will end up saving you a lot of advertising money, time and headaches.

Thus it is crucial to know Your Target Market. Understand where they are coming from. Ask yourself:

What problems of theirs can I help solve?

What questions of theirs can I help answer?

How do I relate to them?

What is my unique selling point (USP)?

Why should they take a look about me and my product?

Why would they want to act?

Answering these questions will help you in writing and coming up with a marketing campaign for your ideal customer.

You Cannot Give Away, Let Alone Sell, a Steak to a Vegetarian!

So, Who should you retail your front end product to?

There are quite a few markets to 'bull's-eye' in but I am going to take just two target markets here.

1 Networkers.

2 Business Opportunity Seekers.

We want to market to people who have bought a home based business at one time or another for several reasons:

Network marketers already believe in the business model.

Network marketers have already spent money on this industry.

Network marketers want to succeed

Network marketers are willing and eager to purchase anything that will help them succeed

When it comes to recruiting new distributors, only invest in ads that target network marketers. You must be thinking it is crazy. They already have a business of their own. Network marketers are opportunity buyers and we sell a business opportunity! If they are looking at the ads, they are looking for a solution to their network marketing business problem. Makes sense.

Of course, you can go after talented and successful people in your warm market, and I suggest you do, but that should happen as an 'add on'. In other words, go after your warm market contacts when the opportunity arises, but do not make them your sole focus.

If you want to make your life easy, make a lot of cash, and have a lot of fun doing it, stay within your target market which is other network marketers and those looking to buy into network marketing.

Master your marketing skill, then venture out into other target markets. The world becomes your oyster.

Where to find contact information for network marketers?


There are free and paid advertising.

You are going to advertise two things:

1. Yourself as A Leader. This is because people don't join business opportunities, they join leaders.

2. Your marketing system. That system should sell your company's products.

You can place ads on ezine, industry journals, work at home magazines and Google. Google Adwords, in addition to the organic (aka - free) results that search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN display whenever someone looks for something online, they also allow people to pay for their ads to be shown as sponsored links on the same page. This is done on a Pay Per click basis.

Simply means you write an ad for your target market for your website, select a group of keywords that you want to trigger that ad, and set a maximum cost per click amount for every one of your keywords. You only pay when a website visitor clicks on your ad.

People who are already in a network marketing company use search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN just to name a few) to search for an answer to their problems. What are the biggest problems that network marketers face?

They want more people

They don't like contacting family and friends

They don't like cold calling

They don't want to spend a lot of money promoting their business without making any money back

They want more skills

They want training

People who are actively seeking to join a network company are looking for a team or a system where they can follow to guarantee their success.

They are Already Telling Google What They Want

Get Google to tell you what it is!

You get to choose the questions which your products are well suited for. This affords you much more control in specifying whom you want to interact with, i.e., who gets into your funnel. This translates into money in the bank because of your appropriately selected audience.

The best part is that; not only can you define your market, you pay very little for your marketing or you only pay when your audience clicks on your ad.
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