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How To Make Money In MLM Network Marketing On The Internet

Apr 11, 2008
The opportunity to make money in mlm and network marketing has never been better.

The fact that many people start an mlm business and quickly leave after not getting any results is usually due to the fact that the marketing strategies that they are taught simply do not work.

Many companies still encourage network marketers to purchase leads and cold call lists.

There is nothing more discouraging that spending money on a list of leads, calling them and facing rejection call after call.

Do you like to be called at home by a telemarketer?

Thank goodness these methods are becoming obsolete now that the internet is the preferred method for prospecting in mlm and network marketing.

To succeed in network marketing in the age of the internet, you need to choose a company that has a marketing system, training, and support that you can plug into and hit the ground running.

How do you choose a good mlm network marketing opportunity?

1. Research the company.

*Is the company reputable?
*Is their product unique and in demand?
*Do you like their product?
*Does their compensation plan offer lucrative commissions?

The way to start your reseach is to do a Google search on the company name, products, and directors.

Then check appropriate online forums and see what the members are saying about the opportunity.

2. Marketing and Advertising.

*Does the company have a turn-key marketing system in place?
*Do they offer excellent training and support?
*Do they offer high-converting lead capture pages?
*Do they provide autoresponder series with strong sales copy?
*Do they offer assistance in calling and closing prospects?

Choosing a network marketing opportunity that already has a system in place that you can plug into can really help you to hit the ground running.

This means that you can focus on driving traffic through your marketing efforts to lead capture pages that will convert interested visitors into leads.

These leads will then be followed up with via the autoresponder messages, increasing the potential to turn a lead into a buyer.

Having an mlm network marketing company that also provides follow-up phone calls to leads and also provides training on how to do this is a real added bonus.

Doing a three-way call with a more experienced and skilled member of your upline is another tremendous tool for success in converting leads to buyers.

3. Test the Process.

If you find a company that you like, enroll as a prospect and examine their sales process.

Ask yourself:

*Did anyone from the company call me?
*How did you feel about the interaction with the person who called?
*What were the follow-up emails like?
*How easy was it to access and understand the information presented?
*Could you see yourself using this system?

These are all good questions that you should seek answers to when evaluating an mlm network marketing company.

It's also a great idea to seek out current and active members of the mlm network marketing business you are interesting in and find out what kind of results they are getting and how satisfied they are with the system.

You can make money in mlm and network marketing, but you need to have a system that works, and work the system.
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Mark McCullagh is the author of the NewSuccessOnline.com blog where you can discover a perfect MLM network marketing opportunity .
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