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Paid Surveys - How To Make Money Online Filling Out Questionnaires

Apr 11, 2008
It all sounds too good to be true...make money online by filling out surveys.

How is it possible that companies just give away money for taking surveys?

Well, the answer lies in Market Research. It costs companies thousands or even millions of dollars to release products; with no guarantee of success. Companies need consumers like you, to test run their products before release.

Ever previewed a movie?


Sampled a food item?


Taken a sweepstakes survey?

If so, whether you realize it or not, you are participating in Market Research. By taking a survey or sampling a product, you are helping the manufacturer determine whether their new product will be a booming success or a total failure.

So, how do you make money from all this?

Well, companies from across the country and around the world pay good money for your time and opinion. This is the easy part.

The hard part is finding legitimate companies that will actually pay cash for your time. Ever entered a search in Google such as "Make Money with Paid Surveys"? You will find thousands of companies that promise the world, but mostly waste your time.

To test this problem, I joined 5 sites which "guaranteed" easy money from filling out surveys.

The 1st was a college-affiliated survey site. Their program was highly ranked and advertised free cash to students. However, after wasting about two months and several hours, filling out surveys, I learned there was no cash...only very cheap prizes. There is nothing like wasting hours of your time on surveys, only to learn that you could only earn cheap magazines. This definitely wasn't free & easy cash. Even worse, the surveys were sometimes so complex, they took hours to complete.

The 2nd was a commercial site and promised "huge" cash rewards. After earning $5, they immediately stopped sending invitations. Even worse, it was next to impossible to claim my $5 reward.

The last three sites were also highly ranked, but after agreeing to a privacy policy, I became a huge spam target. I now get anywhere between 30-40 spam e-mails a week; no free cash in sight.

After several months of testing and working with these five sites, I was the proud owner of a free 5 weeks coupon subscription to Newsweek. Definitely, not any richer than before I started!

So with all the scam artists out there, how do you find real companies that pay for surveys?

This is easy! You need to subscribe to a survey membership. At first, it seems like a scam to subscribe to a survey service. But, it is worth its weight in gold. Instead of finding spammers and prize companies, you find real research firms who offer real opportunities to make you a bit richer. Ok, you likely won't be rich overnight, but these real sites will give you ample prospects to make extra cash from easy work.

There are a few survey memberships you can choose from, but Paid Surveys Etc is among the best. Using this simple service, I found countless ways, even in my local area, to participate in Market Research. I found some great non-profit organizations, a local retailer, and even a local small grocery store looking to pay for my opinion. From this site, I was instantly connected to these companies without all the "run around" from most other online survey sites.

The membership for Paid Surveys Etc is one-time low fee, and it is definitely worth your time and investment for earning some easy cash.
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