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This Is What A Good Web Design Does

Apr 11, 2008
Imagine a university bulletin board. Post one teaser before class and you are sure never to find it again forty-five minutes later.

Buried, already, in a sea of more attention-grabbing student advertisements, your message, read only by roughly five students, will never stick to anyone's mind.

Imagine this situation and magnify it one million times and one million more teasers, one million more messages, and one million more people.

The clamor for information dissemination has become more challenging and mind-boggling over the years, with so many products and services from thousands of companies trying to reach about sixty billion people across the world.

TV, print, and radio are no longer adequate for a global market. And the Internet has provided a solution.

Pushing itself into the list of most utilized advertising media, the Internet has proven to be an effective tool in improving brand awareness and product sales, and providing relevant information for market research; therefore increasing client and customer satisfaction.

At the heart of this new-found advertising magic is Web Design. Defined simply as the creation of visually pleasing pieces or areas incorporating an established theme revolving around shape, lines, color, and texture, Web Design creates a totally new world for visitors of a specific website.

A company's website is designed based on how the company presents itself to its clients and how the clients foresee the company.

Technical know-how coupled with creative expertise creates a well-designed website, soliciting positive first impressions, allowing for effective on-line marketing, and increasing product and service sales.

A well-designed website communicates that a company willingly provides its clients an unforgettable experience.

As manifested by the growing industry of call centers and customer services though e-mail, customer satisfaction no longer limits itself in meeting or surpassing customer expectations by providing top quality products and services, but is now extended to providing product assistance easily available to customers.

A constantly improving quality of customer service sets a company apart from thousands of its competitors.

It is vital for a company to spend time, effort, and financial resources on the design of their website. It is of utmost importance that a company hires the designers and developers best suited for the job.

A company pays for a domain name and web hosting and they will be available twenty four hours a day throughout the world, therefore expanding its business while its employees are home and asleep.

In addition to a graphically competitive web design, one must also recognize the advantages of utilizing other web-based marketing and advertising tools. An example would be pop-up windows which are basically windows that automatically flash while one is browsing through other related or unrelated sites.

E-mail marketing is also an effective advertising tool by sending messages to people through their email addresses available to a company through their database. Finally, submitting completed websites to search engines such as Google and Yahoo makes a company site easily searchable.

In conclusion, a company with a website beautifully designed especially for their target clients gets better sales results. As more and more companies subscribe to this marketing tool, we as customers can only expect better designs, ergo more blithesome web experiences in the future.
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