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Gifts Ideas For Female Bosses

Apr 11, 2008
It's never easy to find a gift that your boss will enjoy. When you have a female boss, however, this process can be even harder. Many times, in an office setting, it is a good idea to get your boss a gift. However, if you don't give the right type of gift, it can be embarrassing, and won't do anything for your career. It is important to find gifts for female bosses that peak their interest, make them happy, and make them appreciate you as well.

The first hurdle to cross when finding great gift ideas for female bosses is to figure out what she's into. It is important to pay attention to the things that she uses on a regular basis, and to see if you can figure out what types of things she needs. Getting her a paper planner when all she ever uses is her PDA isn't going to score you any points. Therefore, the first and most important factor in getting your boss a great gift is to know her as well as you possibly can.

When it comes to gifts for female bosses, many bosses appreciate things from their employees that they can use to help them manage their time. If your boss uses organizers, you can figure out what kind of organizer will help her, and buy her one. You can also get her gifts like padfolios, marker boards to keep daily notes, or even calendars or clocks to help her manage her time even better.

Every boss enjoys something classic and neat, so great pen or pencil sets, or desk accessories to help them stay organized are always good ideas when it comes to gifts for female bosses. Many bosses pride themselves on their organizational tactics. A neat touch would be to pay close attention to a brand that she uses often, or a type of desk organizer that she already has. That way, you can purchase her something that complements or matches the things that she already uses. Decision making gifts, such as classic pens, writing sets, or desk accessories, are always good touches for your female boss.

Your female boss is probably pretty good at coming up with big ideas. Therefore, big idea gifts, like places to jot down notes, writing pads or think pads, might help you show her that you know she's creative and on top of things around the office. These gifts can end up being even more of a compliment for you.

If you know a little bit about her family or home life, you can use this to your advantage as you are searching for the best gifts for female bosses. For instance, if she's got a dog that she talks about often, or if she likes cats, you can get her something for her pets. You can also get her picnic baskets, stadium blankets, or other things that her family can use. These gifts can show her that you care, and also that you know she's got a life outside of the office. Giving your female boss a gift doesn't have to be stressful, as long as you have a good idea of what she likes.
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Leah Lee-Fairman is chief editor for corporatesnobs.com, a company that caters to the needs of businesses when it comes to gifting. As a gift consultant for many years, Leah has hands on experience in finding thre right business gifts for women. Find hundreds of gifts for female bosses and business gifts hand picked by consultants at prices the stay within the budget.
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