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Are You a Good Candidate for School Jobs?

Apr 11, 2008
Even though teaching is not the most lucrative profession, there are many ways that school jobs can be rewarding and fun careers. If you possess the following characteristics, you may want to consider looking into a few different school jobs.

People Person
Teaching cannot take place unless two or more people get together. Some teachers work best as a tutor in a one on one setting, but other teachers lecture to classes with hundreds of students. Whether they are working with one person or a hundred people, teachers need to be able to communicate, empathize and work with other individuals. So, if you are not a people person, teaching is probably not the best job for you.

High energy
School jobs require a lot of energy no matter what age group you teach. Preparing lessons, teaching, grading and working with your students all require time and effort. Fortunately, the more energy you put into teaching your class, the more energy they will give back to you as well.

Love for Teaching
A love for teaching can be described as finding joy in sharing something you know with others. Even some of the most timid individuals become great teachers because the love of teaching is stronger than their fear of standing in front of a class. Sometimes people love teaching because they are devoted to their subject matter. Other times, teaching is rewarding because the teacher is devoted to the students. If you are truly invested in both the material and your students, that is even better. A love for teaching is what keeps most teachers hooked on the profession.

Creativity is a good characteristic for teachers because they cater to many different students and those students each have individual needs and methods of learning. The material may be the same, but the way you present your lessons can affect how well your students understand what is being taught. Creative teachers are also good at making learning fun.

School jobs are rewarding because they cultivate new relationships every year and they are full of the joy that comes from giving service and sharing yourself with others. They also allow room for creativity and fun. And finally, it is also rewarding to see the progress that students make as you invest your time and energy in helping them grow. If teaching seems like it may be an attractive career for you, look into training or volunteer opportunities to get started.
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Once you have some teaching education or experience, you can find available school jobs at Scholastic (http://schooljobsnow.com). This website also provides tips that can help you put your best foot forward with a resume or an interview. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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