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Business Cards To Increase Brand Awareness

Apr 11, 2008
Far more important that its simple presentation appears, a person's business card has the potential to be the most effective way to increase your company's success. As an outgrowth of the old tradition of "Visiting or Calling Cards" the business world has created a special branch of stationary to fill the need of a small, simple greeting.

Unlike a personal "Calling Card' which may only contain a name and contact method, the business card usually expands the information to include a logo, business address and phone number with a company slogan often included for brand recognition. The information is more detailed as a business wants people to know how to reach them.

While a simple white cardstock paper and black ink is all required to design an elegant and memorable business card, advances in printing methods in the digital age have opened up entire new design possibilities for your pocket sized billboard. No longer are full color photo quality business cards too expensive for all but the biggest companies.

There are still the traditional lithographed business cards with the raised type available for any budget however small the business person's endeavor might be. Spot color can be matched to any company's logo colors. With the use of thermograph raised-type printing even a simple inexpensive business card can offer an impressive look. Engraving and two sided print capabilities add to the design options for an effective and attractive business card.

Whether a home based part time business or a multi-million dollar corporation, your business card says a lot about you and the image your company projects. The card is often the first contact point that people have with you. It represents more than just the knowledge of what you do and where you are located. A good businessperson will always have some with them. It should be standard operating procedure to give a card to anyone you meet. They can be placed on community bulletin boards, left with local businesses you deal with and just about anywhere you can think of that it will be exposing your company to potential new customers.

The business card is so important as a convenient reminder of your business that electronic business cards are a popular email function. Once set up in your email program, the electronic business card can be attached to all your business communications online. Electronic business cards have the unique property of being able to utilize animation for an even more memorable experience with your name.

While the technology is still developing to make it universally functional, there is the growing use of the 80 millimeter CD as both business card and company presentation. Having a capacity between thirty-five and a hundred megabytes of space, this CD business card can provide a multiple pack of information files for your potential customer. As the smaller size CD players become more widespread this form of business card presentation will spread in regular usage.

With unique designs and easy availability, business cards have even taken on the dimension of being a collectible item in itself. The International Business Card Collectors organization maintains a worldwide member base that circulates and collects outstanding business cards from around the world.
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