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Generate Your Own Leads for Your Cash Gifting Business

Apr 11, 2008
Cash gifting is the easiest program out there. No selling. No products. No convincing. However, that does not mean no work. Let me be clear that by easy I do not mean lazy.

When I started my cash gifting business, I did not just download a website, sit back and POOF! Money just started flowing in. Not even close. I love cash gifting and am so grateful for the lifestyle it has afforded me. But it takes work.

The most important aspect of my cash gifting business and my number one priority is generating leads. If you do not have people going to your website, you will sit there forever with nothing in return. You need to drive interested prospects to your program. Prospects are the lifeline to a profitable cash gifting business and without them your business will fail.

What I have found most successful in driving qualified prospects to my website is using Web 2.0 marketing tactics. The best part is I am not paying huge advertising costs, whether its buying phone leads or buying news print, I am driving free traffic to my site. There is work involved. You need to learn how to use Web 2.0 and you will need to spend time writing articles, creating self videos, and establishing a presence on social networks. The good news is this work can be a lot of fun and gives your prospects the opportunity to get to know you. By the time you get to talk them about your cash gifting opportunity they will know a lot about you which makes you more approachable.

Here is a brief list of the Web 2.0 marketing methods I use and have found the most successful:

You Tube

Press Releases


Article Marketing

Social Networking

Utilizing just one of the above methods will drive prospects to your site. Imagine what happens when you start using multiple methods. You have to do the work but would you not rather do the work for yourself than a boss? Or pay someone else for leads when you can generate them yourself? I know I would. And you make a whole lot more money.

If you are interested in learning more about how to utilize Web 2.0 marketing methods visit my site or give me a call. I will teach you all of my methods to have a thriving cash gifting business from your home.
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