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Are You Facing The Problem of Too Many Optouts?

Apr 11, 2008
You have an auto responder service. You are building a list. People are subscribing to download your products. You are operating in several different niches and sub-niches. Now here is the problem. You have 100 or 200 different messages pre loaded your auto responder sequence in a given niche. Now as you go along doing this, may be three or four months actively promoting your product you see lot of op touts. Every time someone un- subscribes, they provide a comment saying that they are getting too many messages. If this is the common response you are getting from most people who are un-subscribing then the chances are that they are receiving multiple different E-mails from your auto responder service.

When sending broadcast emails, most of the top 3rd party auto responder services have the ability to restrict multiple copies of the same e-mail going out to the same subscriber, when the subscriber is subscribed to multiple lists. .

But if the subscriber is subscribed to multiple lists and you have loaded each list with sequenced messages ahead in time. Then chances are they will get all the emails as per the sequences and some messages will coincide on a given day.

Giving rise to a suspicion that you are spamming.

Remember most of the times people who are subscribed to your list, are also subscribed to other lists of marketers. Getting one email occasionally may be fine but getting a series of emails from one person on a given day is very frustrating.

In my experience people who know you well, give you warnings before un-registering. But most of the times they have no clue that you are not the culprit its just the delta between the messages is causing this.

So be careful make sure when you do that donot overload your auto-responder with sequences that are very close back to back to one another in terms of days.

Most marketers use multiple auto responder services actively at any given time. For example I use Aweber and 1shoppingcart very actively. People who are registered to my 1shopingcart service are also registered to Aweber service. In this scenario if I am using both the services to send sequenced email the messages will certainly repeat.

If you send broadcast emails on a daily basis to your list. this could even complicate the issue for you.

So figure out an e-mail strategy for your business and make sure that you are not sending too many e-mails that can irritate your subscribers and force them to unsubscribe.
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