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Free Autoresponders - Are They Worth It?

Apr 11, 2008
Autoresponders are essential to the growth of a business especially if you are using a email marketing strategy for your business. However, like all other programs or software autoresponders come in pairs, free or payable. For those looking at the latter, the question then pops to mind, is it worth it to save a buck to create a boom in my business, are there risks involved?

Free autoresponders are basically costless and can be easily downloaded from the internet. However, do beware as some of these free autoresponders may not be as good as they sound. Especially if you are someone who is not really IT savvy and would have problems when trying to solve IT problems, it would be best to avoid these free deals.

Most free software that are download-able from the net are laden with problems or they assume that you know how to work it already. Rarely do they provide support for beginners and thus are not really user friendly. Furthermore, there are other complicated issues like making sure your webhost allows you to send bulk emails. Most shared hosting services do not allow you to send more than 200 emails an hour.

Alternatively, there are autoresponders that require you to pay a small fee like, Aweber, but the benefits it provides heavily offset the extra charge and thus it is a great choice amongst most business people. Aweber takes into account that most people are not really IT savvy and has a very user-friendly interface compiled with an efficient and helpful customer service email center as well as a live chat function for those that need help immediately.

With unlimited amounts of newsletters, broadcasts and etc. that you can create, coupled with the great customer service and user friendly interface, you may think that that is all for Aweber, but there is more. When you register to be part of Aweber, they also provide you with free training that would help you in getting started right away. On top of that, video trainings guides and tele-seminars all provide you with the necessary information to learn how to use the autoresponder for business purposes. Designed to teach through a step by step basis, you can slowly build your business through Aweber and the services it provides.

No doubt, if you want to reduce the risk and hassle of having to deal with IT problems, it would not hurt to pay a little for the wonderful Aweber. Start on the right foot by using a better program and service such as Aweber's and you can start to grow your email list and customer base today! Be wise to know where to spend your money and not save it for the wrong things. You may need to spend now, but looking at the bigger picture, you would be saving lots more just by being willing to part with a small part of it now.

Unless, you are someone who can deal with the problems of IT, we encourage you to consider not getting a free autoresponder especially if it brings along lots of problems with it.
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