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Benefits Of Targeted Email Marketing

Apr 11, 2008
If you are someone who is into email marketing, you should by now already know that it is an extremely cost-effective method of communicating with your clients and prospective customers. Cost-free and quick, email is also easy to use as a marketing strategy thus this is basically why so many companies favor using it as there are basically little hassle over it and you can reap huge benefits from something such as email marketing. Below are 5 of such benefits that you can enjoy if you were to implement email marketing into your business plan.

1. Reinforce the message

Research has shown that the average consumer has to hear the same message for at least 7 times before they will eventually buy from you. 7 times is a lot of repetition and there is no way you can do that through a sales talk face to face as you probably will scare your customers and prospective customers away with your aggressive sales stance. However with email marketing, you get to build a series of emails revolving around the same topic and thus able to reinforce the message you want to put through etching your brand or company so firmly into the consumer's mind that when they are ready to buy, they think of your company first.

2. Branding

Email marketing is a wonderful way to create branding and also to promote your brand. In the business world, it is important to have branding in your company as it is a great platform by which you can promote and sell to customers. Send newsletters, offers and discounts to keep your brand name etched into the minds of the consumers.

3. Aim to keep your customers loyal

If you are able to please a customer, most likely they would return again and that is when you find a loyal customer. Happy customers also tend to refer what they seem as good deals to family and friends and thus you have open doors to new opportunities and it works in an exponential way. Through email marketing, keep in contact with your customers, both old and new, at the same time offering them discounts or coupons and always keep them updated with when the next sale is and all that. Using email marketing, you achieve retention of customers as well as customer satisfaction.

4. Keep in contact with your customers

Through the use of email marketing, it is so much easier to receive feedback from your customer. As such, you can always throw a quick follow-up email right after they have purchased a product from you and keep the relationship going strong. After that, it would be a wonderful method to further promote some of your other products to them.

5. Generate extra sales offline

Much of the public these days actually search the web looking to research on products and services that they need before making a purchase at a nearby store. As such, email marketing actually helps you to stay in touch with these customers and also create awareness for your company amongst these people, inevitably bringing in more shoppers for you!

Consistency in an email marketing effort can bring in greater results and revenue than you can ever ask or imagine. Being more cost effective and easily track-able or measurable, no doubt email marketing is becoming the 'new-age' tool towards marketing.
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