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5 Email Marketing Tips You Can Use Immediately

Apr 11, 2008
Most organizations now have a new and rather effective marketing strategy, email marketing. Since the boom of the dot-com era, email marketing has since become an extremely powerful tool that is used for differentiating a brand and directing targeted traffic to a particular website, which in turn increases sales. On top of that, one of the advantages of using such an email marketing strategy is that the tools available online are very useful in keeping track and measuring data and results, which lessens the workload on the administrative side.

What separates a good email marketing strategy from another is really how relevant the content they provide is and also the quality and segmentation of the email list. By taking note of these tiny details, you are bound to draw in more sales then when you do not heed to these details. In this article we look into some tips where you can use to further improve on your email marketing strategies.

Develop your strategy

Who is your target audience and what message do you want to put across? What is the time frame between each new campaign and what kind of content do you wish to develop on? When you are working on your strategy, be sure to include these details and also be consistent with your overall marketing strategy.

Have realistic targets

Set for yourself goals that are within your capabilities and also think of what are some of the benefits that you want your email marketing campaign to achieve? Ultimately, what you want your strategy to achieve are basically these few things:

* Increased sales.
* Increased product or service sales.
* Enhanced customer relationships.
* Brand differentiation through providing expert advice for customers.
* Inflow of traffic to a specific part of your website.

Analyze and segment your e-mail list

One of the greatest things about targeted email marketing is that you get to zoom in on certain topics that your clients associate themselves with. As such, you have to research and find out what are the topics that grab their attention. After which, you should cut them into smaller pieces based on identified commonalities.

Develop relevant content based on your segmentation

By segmenting up your email list, it allows you to expand it into many different ways, thus increasing the accuracy in pleasing your audience when reading it. People look for specific information and details and if you can provide them with that, they are more than happy to hear more from you or even try out your products. Providing your audience with accurate information and interesting information reduces their impression that what you are sending them is useless spam and they would most likely have a second look at it, increasing your sale chances.

Timing consistency

Set your emails to be sent on a regular basis be it weekly, monthly or quarterly. By sticking to a certain deadline, you portray your company as one that puts priority on your customers and if what you are providing is interesting, people will be looking forward to their next set of email and that is what you want to achieve, having a loyal base of customers that keeps coming back and from there, expand your business.
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