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How To Sell Stuff On Ebay In A Nutshell

Apr 11, 2008
It seems to be so common now to just head down to Ebay to shop for the things that you want. Hey wait, Ebay? Yes, Ebay shopping is now the craze in the world; because it is convenient and there is not much hassle about dealing with problematic sales assistants, you just have to search, look and purchase the item with a click of your mouse.

With that said, is it really that easy to sell stuff on Ebay in a similar fashion as well? Actually, how you sell stuff on Ebay is rather systematic and very easy!

1) Have a good product or service that appeal to the masses. It is common to be selling products that other people are already selling but what makes you stand out is would be the quality of your product or the niche services that you provide together with it. There are also those market spoilers who put for auction items that are outrageous and you will be surprised at the 'variety' of items that are available on the net. Don't play with your reputation especially if you want your business to flourish.

2) Put up a reasonable price that will attract customers to return instead of deterring them from coming back. It may seem like a no-brainer but remember, you have numerous competitors who would love to offer at a ever-so slightly lower price than you if they can. You want to offer a price that is not too high but at the same time a price that would not make you lose out.

3) Have a good description or advertisement for your product! If you are not so confident with your language, why not hire a freelance writer to do the job for you? If all your advert can do is make people go confused, than it would not be a surprise if no one wants to bid for your items.

4) Be trustworthy. Are your products as good as you claim them to be? Make sure whatever image you want to portray of yourself is reflected in the quality of your goods and your service. This way, you can even secure yourself regular customers who love your products and service. First impression counts.

5) Have a money-back guarantee policy. Do not be overbearing, but be gracious with unreasonable customers. If they are unsatisfied with your product, offer than with something else or refund them with whatever they have paid in full. By being gracious, it reduces the risk of them spreading a bad word on your product and also they will most likely give you a chance since you are new to the 'industry'.

6) Be diligent in customer service, also make it a point to notify the winners of your auctions about their winnings as soon as possible and do not forget to thank them for bidding. Have a feedback function and be generous in giving feedback. It helps spread a good word for your name and it gives you more credibility.
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