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How Do You Sell Stuff On Ebay And Make Money

Apr 11, 2008
Selling on eBay is not new anymore however if it is your first time trying it out, it can seem very confusing and troublesome. Keep your focus, stay on the game and remember what you started out for, these are the keys to success in an online auction business like eBay's. There may be shortfalls or distractions along the way, but with time, you will learn how to overcome them and eventually success will follow.

Start an account on eBay

How do you start a business when you are not even in it? Signing up on eBay is a tremendously easy process and takes only a few minutes of your time. But take note; do not just brush aside the tutorials that come after you complete your signing up. Many people fail to see the importance of these tutorials and end up having a not so prosperous business as compared to those who pay attention to these tutorials.

What to sell?

Every pyramid built in Egypt started off with the first block at the base. Start off your eBay auction with something small first, it may things from your own home, or something you got off at the nearby garage sale. A man's food is another man's poison, whatever you deem as useless may be precious to another's eyes. The purpose of starting off small is also to allow yourself to be familiar with the selling system and what is involved in between. After that, you can move on to researching for what is hot in demand on eBay and finding products that are much more complicated in nature, such as digital or audio products.

Listing and selling the product

You have to list your product and come up with a good advertisement or description of it to entice other people to want to buy it. If you feel that your language ability may not be that good, you can always ask others for help or when you have earned a reasonable sum of money, you can hire a freelance writer to bolster the write-up or listing of your item. With that said, now lets move on to what to do after you have sold your product! Set a reasonable price and after it is sold, contact the buyer to discuss about the shipping issues and the collection of money. Most people prefer the use of Paypal to handle the transaction of money as it is hassle free and is not too complicating. After which, remember to leave each other good feedback! This only boosts your reputation even more and as you collect more and more good feedback, you gain credibility.

Look out for sources of your product

To become a power seller on eBay, you have got to constantly have stock of what you are selling. Remember, you are not the only one selling on eBay and there is bound to be someone selling a similar product elsewhere and if you have to turn down someone due to a lack of stock, you are basically giving up your customers to another seller. As a seller, you want to be more concerned with consumer feedback and questions and also selling your product, rather than be boggled with problems on the supplier's side.

That basically is the practical steps to selling stuff and making money on eBay. We can go on and on about how to improve your sales and stuff concerning bolstering profits, but in layman terms, the above are the basic steps to starting an eBay online store.
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