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Finding Sales Prospects in a Recession

Apr 12, 2008
During the times of a recession, it becomes challenging to continue to bring in sales results at the goal or 100% quota level. A business owner that understands sales process techniques has the tools to adjust the process such that sales objectives are met.

To make the adjustment of the sales process during an economic slowdown, the best method is to use a process that is quick, inexpensive, and easy to implement. These methods allow the salesperson to quickly qualify a number of prospects since more qualified prospects are necessary because closing ratios tend to drop during tough economic times.

Finding a good prospecting list is a skill that every business needs. The targeted prospecting list gives the company a focus on the "most probable customer". By focusing on this list the probability of success is high since the salesperson is calling on the prospect that will most likely buy.

One way to get quality lead names is through the use of Splash Pages or what is more commonly called and Landing Page on the Internet where the prospect fills out a form for more information. Typically the form will be filled out in order to get what is called a "Permission Marketing" piece or access to a White Paper.

One technique that has become popular for warming up a prospect is to send a postcard or a greeting card prior to the phone call from the salesperson. There are several services that you can use to electronically send out these post cards or cards through the US Postal Service. All you have to do is to upload your prospect list and then select the card to send and it will send it out immediately in your own handwriting.

It is critical, before making any follow-up calls on a lead from a Landing Page, that a script be setup that can be roll played and will cause the prospect to do most of the talking in order for the salesperson to determine if the prospect is a good fit. This is normally done with a Question Oriented Sales Process.

One area that is frustrating for salespeople is what to use for an opening statement when doing cold calling. It really takes a specialist like a Cold Call Consultant or Coach to help the salesperson create a script that does not sound like a telemarketer or a salesperson. The best scripts engage the prospect where the prospect does the majority of the talking in order to let the salesperson know if he/she is qualified.

The fear of making of making Cold Calls often freezes a salesperson and causes them to not reach their monthly sales goals. To overcome this Call Reluctance it is important that the salesperson or organization find a Sales Coach that help them immediately overcome this fear by reprogramming their subconscious mind.
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