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Knowing How To Repair Your Vending Machine

Apr 12, 2008
Before you get yourself involved in a vending machine business you need to carefully think about all of the possible things that could go wrong. One area that too many people fail to consider is the issue of keeping your vending machines in good working condition. This is often an advantage of buying new vending machines because they will generally work better. Sometimes there will be problems that arise with new vending machines though so be prepared for them. Used vending machines can save you money but they will likely have more repair issues. If you don't take care of them you will find it is going to cost your vending machine business money.

How often do you plan to visit your vending machines? Hopefully the answer to this question is at least once a week. You need to keep them well stocked and you need to ensure they are working properly. If you are having problems with a vending machine that you can't seem to fix you will need to call a professional to assist you or replace the vending machine. It is important that the vending machines give customers about their change. This is a common complaint many consumers have about using vending machines

Your vending machine needs to give back proper change as well. You can adjust the price of your products as you need to, but make sure you are able to set it up properly. If you are selling soda for $.75 and they put in a dollar then they deserve to get their $.25 back. If they don't they will stop using your vending machine and that is going to cost you money in the long run even though you made a little bit of extra money off of them initially.

When a customer approaches a vending machine they expect to have a fast and easy transaction. They want to be able to insert their money, make their selection, and walk away with their product. Sometimes this doesn't happen though and the consumer has to put more money in because their product wasn't received. If they think their item is stuck they will rock or kick the machine to get it to fall into the dispenser. This can cause damage to your vending machines even if the consumer is only trying to get what they paid for.

Always place your name and phone number on any vending machines you have out there. This will encourage consumers to contact you should they experience any issues with the vending machine. You will be able to find out about problems with the machine quickly if they take the time to call rather than discovering it later when you visit the machine on your regular schedule. Anytime someone calls you to report problems with their vending machine you need to thank them for taking the time to do so. You also want to extend the offer to refund their money that was lost in the machine

What often happens though is that most people don't waste their time to tell you that your vending machine ripped them off. They may think it is just an isolated incident and go about their business. The problem comes in when they return to use the vending machine again later on and the same situation occurs. Now they have lost money in it twice and they are frustrated. As a result they are going to avoid returning to your vending machine and you have lost a customer. They may tell co-workers and others in the area about it and that is going to cost you even more customers

You will find in this type of business that your profits depend on the steady flow of repeat customers. They are only going to put their money into those vending machines that have been good in providing them with what they pay for and giving them back their change that is due.

Most people are willing to forgive an occasional glitch with a vending machine they use. In fact, it is to be accepted from time to time. Yet if they aren't sure if they are going to get their product or their change on a regular basis they will stop taking that risk. If you don't have the necessary skills to fix your vending machines you need to learn them. It is very important for the success of your business. It is also expensive to rely on an outside source to take care of this for you.
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